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Ring in 2021 With this Year End Ritual

A Ritual which we know as a symbolic activity involving gestures, words, actions, or objects performed in a set sequence, are really more rational than they appear. Rituals provide the essential tools that help us to set the exact intention and participate in co-creating our own lives to get our desired outcomes.

New Years’ eve is the most celebrated day across all cultures, geographies and age groups. The one day each year that the whole world unifies, families and friends gather to ‘bring in’ the new year and let go of the year gone by. Some cultures and traditions have rituals in place to mark this moment. I remember growing up to a New Year ritual where a figure was dressed up as an ‘Old Man’ and burnt as the clock stuck 00:00 hours representing the end of old un-serving habits and behaviours.

Every year comes with its own agenda to teach everyone something that they need to learn. The year 2020 came with a Massive Lesson and while the situation was similar globally, how it impacted each of us was as unique as a finger print.

It’s a known truth, (or unknown to some) that experiences will keep repeating themselves when the lesson is not learnt. With that said, here is a trusted process (a ritual if you may call it so) and the reasons for it, to close the old year and truly welcome the new year in its full glory.

Take Time off to Make A List of All The Waves You Rode This Year 

This process commonly known as ‘reflection’ is quite an understated process. Take the time to relax before you begin reflecting. Next, walk yourself down memory lane through all the highs and the lows, all the active actions taken and the passive moments begone, all the lessons and the breakdowns, and then make a list of it.

Neuro-Science has proven in the studies of Neuro Plasticity (a term coined by Dr Norma Doidge which he speaks about in his book – ‘The Brain That Changes Itself’) that the process of releasing thoughts onto paper actually works.

What this means is when we actively begin to write down a thought, the unstructured form that is manifested in the mind, now forms a clear process on paper. While the answer may not come immediately, having ‘data and facts’ before one’s eye is a good place to begin.

Segregate the Memories as a Lesson, Blessing or Stuff to Let Go Off

Lessons would imply things you have learnt from a person or from a situation. Blessings would include anything or anyone that you are in gratitude for. Stuff to let go off are simply the things that occurred around you- like the news and other daily activities of less or no importance.

This process serves the very base of growth, as it brings focus and energy to what you can control and then how to approach each aspect of a stimuli with a structure.

I remember growing up to a New Year ritual where a figure was dressed up as an ‘Old Man’ and burnt as the clock stuck 00:00 hours representing the end of old un-serving habits and behaviors

From this Categorized List Make a ‘To Do’ List

The ‘To Do’ list may include the people you might need to call, a list of belongings you would like to donate, or a list of places you now plan to visit.

This step ensures that every action is aligned to an element of expansion within you. The list essentially has things on it of relevance that brings either joy or closure to you.

Saying Goodbye

This is the most important step, that of closure. Say goodbye to the year that has passed and say goodbye to the feelings, the lessons and the blessings that it brought. Often we are in such a hurry to move on that we forget to correctly find closure. “I could have done this differently”, or “I should have done this differently”, energetically keeps us tied back to the same place. Make an intention to release the past right where it belongs, in the past.

Create the North Star for the Year to Come..

When we have a purpose, come rain or sun, we stay focused. Lay out the most ideal life that you would like to create in the coming year and then back it up with monthly smaller goals and tasks.

Integrate all segments of your life into it. Work, family, friends, recreation, self-growth, fitness and nutrition for a truly holistic life.

Create a FUTURE YOU Representation

How would you look and feel if you achieved all that you desired. Try to find the visual representations of the future you and place it at strategic places around you.

The Power of Visualization, active or even passive is one of the biggest tools in manifesting your desired life.

Plan Your Finances

The biggest failures are a result of unplanned spending. Make a list and a percentage allocation to all the elements of your Life.

While finance and meditational practice have no overt co-relation, it’s most definitely the most powerful element that causes insecurity, stress and a tool for abuse. Manage it well.

Lastly, Bring in the New Year as You Would Welcome a Baby.

When we have a new family member we do not compare them with the earlier babies; we love them just as they are. Likewise, bring in the new year with Love, Hope and Expectation of Magic for the life ahead.

Here are my few must have gifts to bring in the new year.

⦁ A journal to write your dreams

⦁ Some lovely stationary to make these intentions and manifesting your desires

⦁ Candles, essential oils or room mists to make your home smell divine

⦁ A book, a dress, a shoe, or anything that you have had your eye on for a while

⦁ A frame that you can use to put up your most favourite memory from the year gone by

On that note I wish you all a Very Happy, Healthy and Prosperous 2021.

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