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Emirates Down Syndrome Association (ESDA) receives a generous 300,000 dirham donation from Carl Runefelt, CEO of The Moon Group

The Emirates Down Syndrome Association (EDSA), a cornerstone in empowering individuals with Down syndrome and their families is a vital non-profit organization dedicated to offering comprehensive support, services, and advocacy to the Down syndrome community in Dubai.

Led by Dr. Manal Jaroor, EDSA, founded in 2006, is recognized for its mission to ‘Unlock Hidden Potential’ and stands as a pioneering institution, offering education, empowerment, and skill-building for children with Down Syndrome. EDSA not only fosters independence and friendships among its members but also actively prepares them for future careers, ensuring their valuable contributions to society. Countless lives have been positively impacted, and stories have been rewritten through their tireless efforts.

The centre recently received a remarkable donation of 300,000 Dirham from the CEO of The Moon Group, Carl Runefelt who expressed his dedication to the cause stating, “My little brother was born with Down Syndrome, so I have first-hand experience with the struggles that he and our family have faced. My little brother was also born with a heart condition and had cancer early in his life. People have no clue what our family has been through. My mission now is to help children around the world by donations and awareness.”

Expressing her gratitude, EDSA Chairperson, Dr. Manal Jaroor said, “I would like to extend our sincere gratitude to Mr. Carl Runefelt for this generous support that has enabled the association to move forward in enhancing the services and supporting its events and activities. We’re grateful for this wonderful humanitarian gesture to support people with Down Syndrome and promote their full inclusion into society.”

This contribution underlines the commitment of Carl and his company to positively impact society and align with causes that resonate with its core values and significantly boosts the EDSA foundation by upgrading crucial facilities and providing advanced equipment. The funds also support a strategic social media campaign, amplifying awareness about the positive impact the center has on children with Down Syndrome in the UAE.

The donation highlights the importance of community support and reaffirms the potential of collaboration between businesses and non-profit organizations in creating a more supportive environment for the empowerment and the limitless potential for people of Determination in the region.

For more information on the Emirates Down Syndrome Association and their impactful work, please visit

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