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Malaysian Business Council in the UAE- playing a key role in promoting business relationships between the two countries

Set up with the aim of promoting entrepreneurship and leadership between Malaysia and the United Arab Emirates, the non-profit organization helps Malaysian businesses who have links to the UAE to promote their interests

The Malaysian Business Council (MBC), established and registered with the Dubai Chamber of Commerce since 2007, works cooperatively with both the Malaysian and the UAE governments, giving business officials from both countries an opportunity to convene and discuss their vocation.

MBC serves under the Patronage of the H.E. Malaysian Ambassador to the UAE and the Senior Trade Commissioner of Matrade Dubai as the Advisor. The Council consists of volunteers of professionals and prominent business people from Malaysia residing, working, and having businesses in the UAE. These Executive Committee Members are elected and appointed through an Annual General Meeting held every two years.

By facilitating regular monthly meetings and events, MBC strives hard to promote alliance and networking among its members, be it individuals or corporations, and to impart valuable information and business ethos that play a vital role in the development and growth of the member businesses.

Corporate and Individual Membership – The Key Players

No doubt that the member companies of the MBC have achieved peak success in their business journey in the United Arab Emirates, given the strong ties between the two countries and their even stronger trade relations.

Since its inception, MBC has promoted a number of Malaysian Companies under its portfolio, some of which are well known in the UAE, including Prime Express LLC, Power Root Ali Café, Sweet Corn LLC, which continue to excel in the local market and beyond. In addition, its corporate membership is also extended with big corporate names of corporations from Malaysia such as Maybank, Eversendai, Operon, Kenaf Venture Global, and many more.

Apart from this, MBC offers individual membership to those professionals who work with local and multinational companies in the UAE. These professionals have the opportunity to contribute and participate through the engagements and networking activities organized by MBC.

Additionally, as the Council is looking to grow its profile, ‘Affiliate Membership’ is now opened to foreign-owned companies interested in securing business opportunities with Malaysian companies. The Council has seen many new members join under this portfolio in recent months.

As the Council is looking to grow its profile, ‘Affiliate Membership’ is now opened to foreign-owned companies interested in securing business opportunities with Malaysian companies

Collaborations For a Bright Future

As the key player in promoting business relationships between the two countries, MBC hosts and participates in a variety of events to keep the show going. It has been actively organizing numerous activities for the past years, including sports tournaments, namely golf, Inter Business Council Golf Networking, Asean Business Golf, MBC Classic of corporate golf game, and other sporting events like bowling tournaments for its members. These social engagements will further boost MBC as a platform to engage in more activities and strengthen potential business ties.

Since 2020, MBC has been very active, particularly with the ongoing EXPO 2020 Dubai, which has been critical in supporting the ventures of new Malaysian companies setting up their base in Dubai. In addition, its association with Malaysian Pavilion and participating Malaysian Government agencies has helped a lot of Malaysian companies to enter into Understandings, Contracts, and further collaborations with many other companies locally and outside.

The previous month, MBC had facilitated the signing of three memoranda of understandings (MoU) between Kenaf Venture Global Sdn Bhd (KVG), a corporate member of MBC, with the United Nations, Ministry of National Development Planning of Indonesia (BAPPENAS), and international universities for research and development of Kenaf as a sustainable commodity.

A particularly key event was The Malaysian Digital Economy Week at Expo Dubai 2020 to highlight the role of Malaysia as the Digital Hub of ASEAN countries. MBC and Malaysian Digital Economy Corporation (MDEC), the main Government body that oversees this, had earlier entered into an MOU to promote MDEC’s member companies for opportunities in the Middle East.

MBC had also seen the successful ventures of its new member MediPet in promoting its products in veterinary sectors during the EXPO.

These significant milestones that took place in the previous month mark major steps ahead for Malaysia-UAE relationships in all business sectors.

Apart from the above, MBC has also signed an MOU with the Zealand Malaysia Business Association (NZMBCA) to promote Malaysian products and businesses in Malaysia, UAE, and New Zealand. In addition, MBC plays the leading role in its cooperation within the ASEAN Business Council Alliance (ABCA), which comprises Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, and Indonesia Business Councils; to promote business within the Asean business community.

With the vast business potential opportunities in the UAE, GCC, and the Middle East, MBC is looking forward to entering into more official collaboration with other business councils, CEO Club, and private companies to open more doors for partnerships for everyone in the business circle.

With the world being hit by the global pandemic since 2020, MBC has also seen an increasing rate of its members, as the pandemic has brought about a true boom in startups and new businesses. With the stronger relationship between its host country – the UAE, MBC is optimistic that its members will be exposed to new business opportunities in the Middle East and beyond. As the saying goes, in every crisis, there is opportunity. The future is exciting, and MBC looks forward to having a business community that supports creating a sustainable future for Malaysian/UAE businesses and communities.

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