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APLF Dubai is here to bring style and substance to the world’s fashion and leather industries!

One of the biggest trade shows and exhibits for leather goods, APLF Dubai 2023 will feature a wide variety of leather and components. The manufacturing sectors for leather products and mid to high-end footwear are where APLF is best positioned to source leathers further downstream. APLF Dubai 2023 brings them from all over the world to find new partners, discover clients or suppliers, and stay on top of market trends. The APLF Dubai 2023 (trade fair) will take place in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, from 13th –15th March, 2023.

APLF Dubai is a platform for visitors and buyers to provide a diverse mix and unlock opportunities from African and Middle Eastern nations for participating companies that wish to broaden their base of international buyers. The event connects businesses in the leather, material, and fashion industries, giving them the chance to meet in person. APLF hosts a number of trade shows with an emphasis on fashion and lifestyle – two industries that are continuously changing. As a result, both attendees and exhibitors must be informed of current trends as well as those anticipated for the upcoming seasons.

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