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On the 13th of August 2020, UAE became the third Arab country to open doors to Israel after Egypt and Jordan. Having signed a peace agreement, now referred to as the ‘Abraham Accord’ the two countries are working towards full normalization of relations which is a significant step towards a more peaceful and prosperous Middle East Speaking in Jerusalem, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said: “We are establishing full and official peace, full diplomatic agreement, with embassies, investments, commerce, tourism, direct flights between Tel Aviv and Dubai and Abu Dhabi.”

While the accord does put a stop to Israel’s plans to invade regions in the West Bank, it is still not off the table and only a temporary postponement as per the Israeli PM. The move seen as ‘a betrayal of Jerusalem and the Palestinian cause’ has not been welcomed by the Palestinian leaders who are calling it the deceit of the century. Nevertheless, the rest of the world considers it a historic event that sows hope for the region, providing Israel and Palestine a chance to renew their treaties and resolve their conflicts as more countries are likely to follow soon.

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