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We all have them. It is the reason we do, what we do.
It is the reason the world has seen unbelievable miracles when what was expected were agonizing misfortunes.
It is the reason the world has witnessed incredible optimism in place of distressing ordeals.
It is the reason why we continue to walk towards the hope of a better brighter future.
I applaud every individual who has made their mark and recognize the fact that it mustn’t always have been an easy path to get to where each one stands today. The spoof with accomplishment is that it does not have a finish line. There can be no limit to what we can aim to achieve and there is no reason why there should be one. There is no reason why one should stop unless of course one wants to apply the brakes to enjoy some time off or pursue other interests.
So whilst you go on to seek newer exciting summits and strive to conquer every conceivable milestone; we at ASPIRE nurture a thought that seeded a few months ago. It is with absolute delight that we present to you and the world a magazine that has set ‘no finish lines’ and functions with a ‘no limit’ mindset.
New? Yes. Novice?
Certainly Not!
All through the day we win some and we lose some and even in the pitfalls are valuable lessons to be learnt. As we put together the very first issue, we found ‘Smart Wisdom’ and ‘Tools of Victory’ from each of our featured protagonists, waiting to be shared with the rest to get insights from.
Curl up with it on a relaxed weekend or read it on the go to take a peep into the future through the eyes of Mahmood Rahma, CEO of Our Media; dive into your multiple intelligences with Wendy Shaw; get glimpses into what goes into the making of an influencer as Maria Kazi believes that we all are one already; reach out to Panacea for free organizational health checks; get pro facts and know-how from our contributors on topics that are of value to every person desirous of scaling up personally or professionally.
We believe that you know what you need in terms of a good read and we will go all-out to give you matter that matters and more.
We love suggestions and feedbacks. So if there are any, please email them to us at [email protected].
Joyful reading and yes of course Stay Safe and Be Well!

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