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This planetary guide to will help you navigate your personal and professional life with ease during the month of June

Astrology has long been used to calculate and predict events and outcomes. These monthly horoscope predictions for June 2023 are based on Vedic Astrology for the 12 Rashi or Lagna.

Vedic astrologer

Planetary Transits in June 2023


Stays in Mesh Rashi


Stays in Kumbh Rashi


Moves into Mithun Rashi on 15th June(until 17th July)


Enters Simha Rashi on 7th June


Stays in Kark (Cancer) Rashi throughout the month.

Auspicious days for May: 3, 4, 5, 16, 19, 20, 22, 23, 24

The term “Raja yoga” is not defined in the texts dealing with Hindu predictive astrology. All such planetary situations and combinations that indicate good fortune, wealth, comforts, exercise of ruling power and political influence gained, either by way of inheritance or acquired through self-effort, are termed as Raja yogas. A few rare Raja yogas are as below:

Panch Mahapurusha yoga: This yoga arises when any one of the five Tara-grahas viz; Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn are in their exaltation, self or moolatrikona rasi in a kendra from the lagna; thus the five Panch Mahapurusha yogas that can be formed  are called Bhadra yoga, Malvaya yoga, Ruchuka yoga, Hamsa yoga and Sasa yoga respectively.

Adhi yoga: This yoga arises when the benefic planets Jupiter, Venus and Mercury (if not acting as a malefic via conjunction) occupy the 6th, 7th or 8th bhavas counted from the Moon, provided all planets are vested with requisite strength.

Viparita Raja yoga: This yoga involves the conjunction of the lords of the evil houses – the 3rd, 6th, 8th and 12th, in an evil house, or their interchanging of signs with these lords remaining weak in strength.

Mesh (Aries): A good month for Aries people. The 1st half of March is going to be action packed for the good. You will be full of energy and confidence during the second half. Try to improve relationship with siblings between 3rd to 14th Mar. This month will be “dreams come true” time for Aries people. You will buy/enjoy luxury goods during the second half of the month.
Lucky colors: Red and yellow.

Taurus (Vrushab): The 1st half of the month is going to be awesome for Taurus People. Lagna Lord Venus will be exalted in Pisces in the 11th house. This is the time for fulfillment of wishes and gains at work and business. Around mid-month expect promotions/moving to management role. Please try to control anger throughout this month. You will get goodnews from children. The 3rd and 4th week is good for property or luxury purchase. Try to keep your body cool as excess heat may be generated in your body.
Lucky colors: White and blue.

Gemini (Mithun): A fantastic month for Mithun people. There are high chances for you to experience new things this month. Moreover, there are high chances to switch careers/jobs. Your children will do very well during the second half of the month. There will be long distance travel – likely relocation due to a new job or business opportunity.  Luxuries come your way during the 2nd half of the month (after 15th Feb thru 15 th March).
Lucky colors: Green.

Cancer (Kark): A decent month for Cancer ascendants/Rashi people. At the beginning of the month. There will be full support of the family and you will receive good news. You will gain through long distance travel during the second half of the month. For some there will be gains from a maternal uncle. Good news from children can be expected. You have been living only within your means since April 2022, and very soon you will get all that you need. You will have success in matters related to land-building, property. This is a good time to buy property. If you are going through health issues expect to feel better during this month.
Lucky colors: White and Yellow.

Leo (Simha): This month is going to be very auspicious for Leos. Interest in social work will increase at the beginning of the month and it is a very good time for people in real estate, agriculture or the automotive trade. New avenues will open up in career and business. Expect promotions and rise in income. If you are going through health issues since Mid-January, You will be healed after 14th Feb thru mid March. Family and economic conditions will improve.
Lucky colors: Red.

Virgo (Kanya): Expect recognition in your profession or business. Children will do well in education. Moreover, in terms of health, please be careful while eating outside and make sure you keep your body cool during the 2nd half of the month. Please make sure you don’t get into arguments with your spouse. Health of the spouse must be looked after. Your elder siblings will gain through business or jobs. There can be gain of wealth or property.
Lucky colors: Green and Blue.

Libra (Tulaa): This month your 7th, 9th and 11th houses are activated, so this is an exceptionally good month for Librans in terms of relationship, long-distance travel, visits to religious places, business partnerships, etc. You will see good profit and growth in business networks. A good month for love as earlier hurdles will end and marriage will be possible.
Lucky colors: Blue and White.

Scorpio (Vruschik): This month your seventh house (Vrushab rashi) and fourth house (Kumbh rashi) are getting activated and there will be co-operation and harmony in matters of the heart.  Health is to be taken care of, especially for senior Scorpios. You may face some problems related to digestion, stomach infection, cough, obesity, or heart-related problems. Be conscious about the health of your parents; get their routine checkup done on regular bases and invest in their emotional well-being. 
Lucky colors: Orange and Red.

Sagittarius (Dhanush): This is a promising month for Dhanush natives. The process of self-development would be there, as in the month of June, your Lagna Lord Jupiter (22 April) has entered in your fifth house and impacting all houses, especially your fifth house (Mesh Rashi), 7th house (Mithun rashi) and ninth house (Simha rashi). You will get the super auspicious results related to these houses such as children, education, relationships, and long-distance travel. In general, you are advised to pray and offer yellow flowers to Lord Vishnu on Thursdays.
Lucky colors: Yellow and Gray.

Capricorn (Makar): This month your fourth house (Aries sign) and eighth house (Leo sign) are getting activated so, this month will bring mixed results. If you were planning to buy a new home, expand and renovate the existing house, or to buy a new car or any vehicle, this is a very promising time for that. Healthwise, you need to be careful. Don’t indulge in consumption of unhealthy food and drinks, exercise and maintain good hygiene, and drive safely. In general, you are advised to get all your routine checkups done. Take extra care of your mother’s health as well.
Lucky colors: Blue, Black and Green.

Aquarius (Kumbh): This month your seventh house (Leo sign) and third house (Aries sign) is getting activated; so, it is a very promising time to marry. Existing conflicts in married life may end. This is also a good month to start business partnerships. Your tenth house will bring a lot of positive changes for you, and you will feel relieved from the challenges you were facing. In general, you are advised to keep your associates, servants, labour, etc happy. This will provide you with Saturn’s blessings.
Lucky colors: Blue, Navy Blue and Black

Pisces (Meen): This month your second house (Aries sign) and sixth house (Leo sign) are getting activated. You also need to be conscious of your health. Jupiter’s placement in the second house shows that overindulgence that may cause problems like obesity, weight gain, digestion issues, liver problems. Professionally, a lucky time. You can expect a promotion and raise if it is due because your tenth lord and Lagna lord Jupiter has moved to the second house of savings. Also, there are chances that you may have to travel overseas due to work this month/year. During this time, you are advised to pay attention to yourself and your wellbeing.
Lucky colors: Yellow and White.

Vedic astrologer, Gopi Krishnappa (AstroGopi) offers astrological guidance in  English, Hindi, Tamil, and Kannada to a global clientele. He is available for personal consultations.
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