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Align and make the right shift in energies through this unique proprietary Bio 7 Wellness Method

Aligning and making the right shift in energies using the essential oil blends and salts through the unique proprietary Bio 7 Wellness Method

Geo 7 Space founder, Balance 1 Studio

Based on the principle that “What can be measured, can be managed,” I have scientifically developed methods to decode the old traditions of Vedas and Ayurveda that make use of therapeutic oils and plant-based essentials assuring the well-being of the mind and body.

What is Aromachology

In general terms Aromatherapy, induces emotions such as relaxation, exhilaration, sensuality, happiness and well-being brought about by fragrance by stimulating the olfactory pathways in the brain. Individuals have unique physiological and psychological responses to scents, especially natural ones based on their therapeutic and healing properties.

One of the earliest uses of aromatic oils was by the Egyptians who used incense for religious purposes and for embalming the dead to delay decomposition of bodies.

Records in the Bible also show the use of plant oils such as cedar wood, frankincense, cinnamon, and myrrh used both for the treatment of illness and for religious purposes. 

The Greeks and Romans used aromatic oils for massages, cosmetics and in daily baths. The Greek soldiers used oils such as myth for the treatment of wounds.

The traditional form of Indian medicine Ayurveda uses essential oils like Sandalwood and Jasmine to heal and promote health through massage and pressure points. 

How do the therapeutic blends work

The molecules enter the body through the nose and the skin. Since these molecules are extremely small and float easily through the air, you can simply inhale them into your lungs, which then disperse them into your bloodstream to be quickly carried throughout your body.

Therapeutic oil molecules are also small enough to be absorbed through the pores of the skin. Some molecules enter the bloodstream, while others remain in the area of application or evaporate into the air. This makes essential oils perfect for healing a specific skin problem as well as the entire body. The sense of smell has its own important mechanisms. High in the nose is the olfactory epithelium are two smell receptors. The receptors pick up volatile and lipid-soluble molecules using tiny filaments called cilia, which may actually be able to identify odor molecules by their ‘shape’. It is believed that these odour receptors are coded by a huge family of genes to sense particular components of smell that produce a characteristic ‘fingerprint’ pattern of activity in the brain.

From the olfactory mucous membrane signals travel to olfactory bulbs that extend forward like tiny spoons from the brain. An electrical impulse then goes directly to the limbic system, which is part of what is called the primitive or old brain. Smell, was our first sense, and our old brain actually evolved from the olfactory stalks. Because recognition of smell moves directly into the old brain, it completely bypasses areas that control reasoning and the central nervous system. Stimuli transmitted to the limbic system cannot be consciously blocked, so all olfactory stimuli influence our emotions.

Thus, it directly influences survival mechanisms such as “fight or flight” reactions and the autonomic functions of the body, including heartbeat, body temperature, appetite, digestion, sexual arousal, and memory- the functions we can’t control by will or reason. It also affects instincts such as emotions, attraction/repulsion, lust, and creativity. Furthermore, the old brain is directly connected to the hypothalamus and pituitary glands, and therefore to our immune system and hormones, which is why smell affects them so powerfully.

Use and significance of therapeutic fragrances in our signature Bio 7 Wellness Method

Pleasant aromas cause people to linger longer, a boon to retail stores, museums, spas and hotels. pleasant smells have been shown to improve productivity and improve physical performance. By blending specific smells, an aromachologist can create a more restful environment and improve wellbeing. 

Emotional detox by natural plant-flowers based healing

Cedar wood — enhances spiritual communication and Grounding effect.
Fennel  Blends — can help when we are feeling overwhelmed by our responsibilities and workload, and gets us started on a project we have been putting off.
Lavender Blends — promotes faith, even in hard times.
Chamomile — increases honest and compassionate communication. to declutter the mind, allowing us to get organized and then unclutter our lives.
Cinnamon Bark — situations and questions we have left unresolved are brought back to our attention. If we choose to deal with them we will be able to move forward toward healing and peace.

Mental detox by natural plant-flowers based healing

Peppermint or lemon — these scents helps athletes in running faster, doing more pushups, and experiencing shorter recovery time after an extensive workout.
Stress Relieving Oils — the smells found in Nutmeg Oil , maize extract, neroli oil, valerian oil, myristici, soelemcin and elemicin reduce stress and helps calms the nerves.
Jasmine — is used as a sleep aid.
Vanilla — useful for diabetics and those who want to cut the craving for sweets after lunch.

A healthy body has a frequency between 62-72MHz. Diseases start if the frequency drops to 58 MHz. We have designed the concept to heal both your inner self and the space where you dwell

Growth factor by natural plant-flowers based healing

Real estate brokers have been recommending to their clients to have smells of freshly baked cookies or the aroma of coffee around to evoke comfort, safety and joy when it is being presented to potential buyers. By releasing appropriate smells, an owner may be able to accelerate the sale of his house.

Worker productivity can be enhanced by improving the quality of air in a building, not just by removing the negative pollutants, but also by introducing olfactory stimulation through ventilation or air conditioning systems in order to get a mix of ventilated air and odour.

Our philosophy

“To bring the right energy shift in life is our motto.” 

Essentially everything is energy and we utilize the energy measurement through the proprietary and engineered concept healing method, which integrates the measurement of the frequencies of the body and the mind and further alignment and correction of those frequencies by use of essential oils and sacred geometry.

A healthy body has a frequency between 62-72MHz. Diseases start if the frequency drops to 58 MHz. We have designed the concept to heal both your inner self and the space where you dwell. The Bio 7 Wellness Method utilizes the thermo scans with aura measurements to identify the energies which are out of sync. We have developed unique therapeutic aroma – herbal blends and bath salts customized to the frequencies of the clients which are not just helping boost health, but also invite wealth, prosperity, and overall well-being.

Bio 7 Wellness founder of Balance 1 Studio by Dr S Pujah is an internationally recognised one-stop shop for energy-management solutions with  an impressive  and satisfied clientele that includes royalty, corporates, SMEs and individuals.

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