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The Global Emergetech Summit to examine how critical frontier technologies like cloud and AI will bridge the gap between today and tomorrow

Economies and businesses are currently incorporating a diverse set of six emerging technologies: AI, IoT, Blockchain, Chatbots, 5G, and augmented reality. These technologies’ adoption is critical in propelling enterprises that want to stay ahead of the competition and evolve. Countries in the Middle East are some of the leading nations globally in adopting innovative technologies. This can largely be attributed to these countries’ early adoption of ambitious national ICT plans.

The Global Emergetech Summit examines how critical frontier technologies like cloud and AI, as well as those that will bridge the gap between now and tomorrow, such as Big Data, IoT, and Blockchain, are affecting organizations. The Summit will examine the present state of adoption of these technologies in the Middle East, the benefits they provide, and the best and next practices that leaders and experts are employing to ensure a successful transformation. The event will be held in a hybrid format – you can join the event via the online live stream or in-person in The Address, Dubai Mall on 28 June 2022. The event enables all attendees to engage with targeted audiences, including decision-makers and influencers, meet experts in the field, and delve into the latest cutting-edge tools and frameworks. Registrations are now open on the official website.

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