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Meet three distinguished women leaders from the E-commerce, Psychology, and Insurance domain

Pallavi Biju rounds up three rising women leaders of their domain who have managed to build a name for themselves from ground up

Priya M Nair

The Partner and CEO of Doukani LLC, an e-commerce platform and solution provider based in the UAE, Priya M Nair has worked for the UAE Air Force and Air Defense and at an American Engineering Consultancy before joining Doukani as the CEO. With an overall 17 years of experience, Priya holds a Bachelor’s in Economics, Masters in Mass Communication, and an MBA in Strategic Leadership and Management from the UK.

A highly experienced and skilled individual, Priya is also the author of Amazon’s best-selling book – “Formula-G”. The handbook, which profiles the approaches, principles, processes, and philosophies to get aspiring entrepreneurs started on their odyssey, topped the charts as #1 best seller in its category on, soon after its release. With practical examples from the industry and toolkits to implement the principles, this book motivated Priya and her co-authors to develop it into a lecture oriented short course that will soon be taught in India as well as UAE Universities.


Along with her successful venture as an author, Priya became the CEO of Doukani LLC in order to grow the company, be the face of Doukani and bring more visibility and trust to the brand in late 2021. “This was a huge step-up for me, at the same time I saw immense opportunity to lead the brand from the front. I was up for the challenge. It is definitely a great leap of faith by the Board.” says Priya. Under her captaincy, the company is heading strongly toward being one of the top 5 home-grown brands in the UAE by 2025, making efforts to renew its brand identity with a new logo and consolidate business under key verticals. Currently, the organization’s key business is, a growing multi-vendor e-commerce platform offering great deals on products across key categories including electronics, gaming, cosmetics and more, catering to the Gen Z and Millennials in the UAE. Also offering Platform as a Service (PaaS) to medium and big businesses interested to take their business online, Doukani very recently developed a web and mobile-based e-commerce platform for Khairat Lebanon, one of the largest fruits and vegetable vendors in the UAE. A one- stop solutions provider for all your business needs, Doukani also plans to diversify as a Management Consultancy advising online businesses on growth strategy, under Priya’s guidance and utilizing her expertise in mentoring, vision engineering and business strategy.

Striving hard towards establishing Doukani as a solutions provider as well as a thought leader in the e-commerce space, Doukani is set to inaugurate Doukani e-commerce Trends and Analysis – DeTa – in March of 2022, which will be the first and only weekly e-commerce report in the GCC region. Covering everything e-commerce from technology and innovation to news and policy, the dossier will comprise of easily readable, bite-sized information capsules on Doukani’s social media platforms and corporate websites.

Rameshwari Adnani

With over 7 years of UAE-focused experience, Rameshwari Adnani is a seasoned Insurance professional who is currently working with MetLife, the leading life insurance company in the UAE. A mother of a teenager and a working woman, Rameshwari is adept at balancing all spheres of her life. She is a qualified architect from Mumbai University and boasts of an impressive personal portfolio of investments into a sustainability focused fabric technology business in the Middle East and a technology company based out of India specializing in machine learning, artificial intelligence, and video analytics.

“The UAE is an exciting country with very dynamic and fast-evolving demography where the approach of one fit for all doesn’t work,” she says from her vast experience in this country. Her advice to her clients is to take a 360-degree view of their financial goals, aspirations, and risks that they will need to cover and to decide their plan of action based on the same. Her august client portfolio speaks volumes of her credibility and consistency as she gains most of her clients through recommendations from her pre-existing satisfied clientele.

What started as a career in architecture has now easily translated to Rameshwari being a Financial advisory professional. Rameshwari’s profile is a rewarding fit for the skills she has honed throughout her propitious career.

Dr. Anumeha Bhatnagar Rai

An adept Doctor of Psychology, Certified Wellness Coach, Associate Leadership and Executive Coach, Emotional Intelligence Coach, and Certified NLP Business Practitioner, Dr. Anumeha Rai boasts over 16 years experience in teaching, mentoring, counseling, and training UG, PG students in universities of India and UAE. With over 16 years of teaching experience, Anumeha is now a visiting faculty at the Department of Psychology and Behavioral Sciences at Amity University Dubai, while also juggling as a Freelance Trainer and Counselor.  

An Industrial and Organizational Psychologist, NLP Practitioner and Life Coach as well as Emotional Intelligence Coach, she has co-edited a Psychological review book called ‘Stress Management: A Modern Perspective’. As a keynote speaker at a recent global webinar, she presented a session on ‘Stress and its coping strategies’. She has also presented numerous papers on various topics of extreme importance at National and International seminars. 

Dr. Anumeha with her supportive family

Anumeha is also a member of UV consultant’s ‘Because We Care’ CSR initiative, wherein a group of highly qualified volunteer coaches help those who need it through complimentary coaching. In addition, she has worked as a coach, counselor, and motivator for teenagers, young adults, and individuals of all ages on various behavioral issues related to stress and emotions. An extremely competent individual, Dr. Anumeha puts her best foot forward to help those who need her help and expertise. Her support system consists of her husband Manish and her two kids – Arnav and Mayra.

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