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Niousha Ehsan on gaining success as a ‘teen-preneur’ with LINKVIVA Events

Niousha Ehsan built up one of the world’s most successful event management firms before she was out of her teens. Julia Jasmine talks to the remarkable entrepreneur about her journey and her inclusive vision

When 16-year-old Niousha Ehsan decided to home-school herself in order to get through her education quicker, little did she know that three years later, she would co-found one of the top 50 event companies in the world. She had finished a two-month Diploma course just before she made this decision. At 16, while simultaneously working at an advertising agency in Dubai, Niousha pursued a bachelor’s degree in Business Management as a part-time student at Middlesex University. Turning 19 must have been memorable for her as she became the co-founder of LINKVIVA Events and embarked on a particularly stellar journey.

LINKVIVA was, in 2009, a simple office with a single desk backed by little other than the talent of the very young and spirited Niousha. She eventually set up a secondary office in London and made Dubai her headquarters. Today she runs the global show with a team of 50 employees, a remarkable story in itself. To date, hundreds of clients have walked through the doors of this successful agency to experience an innovative range of world-class events.

The title ‘Chief Energy Officer’ is not a mere label, but the very philosophy Niousha lives by. It is the code of passion, integrity, and focus that have been the driving forces in executing her entrepreneurial game plan for nearly two decades. 

Niousha says, “As the Chief energy officer of LINKVIVA, I am determined to ensure that every employee has the tools and opportunities to succeed. Whether that time by the ping pong table, in the quiet room or a brainstorming session with the team – we are a collaborative and inclusive community committed to helping each other become the best version of ourselves. We always aim to take that forward to ensure we deliver the best for our clients.”

As the Chief energy officer of LINKVIVA, I am determined to ensure that every employee has the tools and opportunities to succeed. We always aim to ensure we deliver the best for our clients. —Niousha Ehsan, Co-founder of LINKVIVA

The Award Showcase

Armoured with an absolute sense of self-determination and dedication, Niousha steered her way from one successful milestone to the next. Being featured on the Top 50 GCC Women Leaders list and being a two-time award-winning CEO of the year are just two of her many accolades. Her phenomenally professional approach to delivery paved the way for her to become a performing Board Member of the International Live Events Association (ILEA), a functioning member of the Advisory Board to Dominican Ambassador, His Excellency Hubert John Charles, and an integral committee member at YPO Mena One Chapter. All of these have, however, been just the icing on the cake. Her biggest win, she believes, is just being her authentic self – an unerring master of her own environment and evolution.

“Though I firmly believe in manifesting your reality, and anyone being able to bring anything they want into fruition, I am quick to remind aspiring entrepreneurs that hard work is a step that can’t be skipped, and success isn’t immediate – but it is within reach. Your circumstances – whether it may be a lack of finances, an unfavorable upbringing, or any other disadvantage – can actually be a source of hope and inspiration for others, as long as you’re willing to relentlessly pursue your goals,” says Niousha about the art of reaching and surpassing a predetermined goal.

At LINKVIVA Events, the clients are treated to a constellation of well-crafted festivals, sporting events, corporate events, brand activations, and regional activations. Niousha has strived to ensure that her agency meets and exceeds the industry standards of MICE (meetings, incentives, conferences, and exhibitions). She facilitates end-to-end ideation and creative staging of several prestigious events for multinational and government clients. Dubai Run, Dubai Ride, MOTB (Market Outside the Box), and the MOTN Festival are only some of the noteworthy events organized by LINKVIVA.

The agency has catalogued over 1000 events to date. Crafting memorable experiences involving innovative strategies and inventive conceptualization has always been the prime objective. The events are creatively planned and executed to communicate messages to the necessary target audience effectively. Since 2003, hundreds of satisfied clients have walked out of the agency doors with smiles and memories of having been part of a unique experience.

The professional excellence of the agency is recognized by the number of Awards they have garnered over the years. LINKVIVA Events was ranked as one of the top 100 SMEs in Dubai – ranking 39 against 4500 nominated businesses. It is also a Winner of the Outstanding Activation Award, Middle East Event Awards, Highly Commended – Most Improved Company Award in Finance Middle East Business Vision Awards, The Best Event Delivered, Middle East Events, Best SME companies to work for in the UAE – A Great Place to Work Award. In addition, it was Nominated for Best Consumer Show, Middle East Event Awards. It goes without saying that Niousha, as Chief energy officer, has played a significant role in these prestigious accolades that LINKVIVA has won.

At LINKVIVA Events, the clients are treated to a constellation of well-crafted festivals, sporting events, corporate events, brand activations, and regional activations

Paying It Forward

Niousha did not just stop with a professional qualification and began to explore the field of coaching, something that had long held her interest. This led to her becoming a certified Life and NLP coach, whereby she uses all these skills to mentor and empower women. She is actively involved in helping other women break the glass ceiling in their professional lives, and by doing so, she continues to pass on the baton of inspiration and hope. Niousha has recently joined ‘The Playing Field’, a UAE-established organization, to further women’s progress in the GCC and beyond.

A believer in the potential of people, Niousha Ehsan practices an inclusive working model and has delivered on a community-enriched work atmosphere. As a leader, she strives to maintain positively charged organizational processes and invests efforts in up-skilling those that work for and with her. Niousha walks the talk and is living proof that ‘Happiness is Profitable’. One only has to look at her life, achievements, and dynamic company to understand how true this is.

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