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Peter Baics can put your restaurant on the global map with Baix and Co.

Peter Baics speaks to ASPIRE on his brainchild, Baix&Co., an independent restaurant and F&B operations consultancy

Established during the peak pandemic period in 2020, Baix&Co is constantly evolving and offering services a Restaurant or F&B services business can possibly need or think of. With an aim to simplify processes, control operational costs, maximize guest experience and loyalty, and simultaneously achieve higher productivity and efficiency, Baix & Co. collaborates with businesses to design progressive F&B strategies on all fronts. Peter Baics, Co-founder and Managing Director of Baix&Co, speaks of his expertise in a niche yet dynamic and highly competitive sector.

A Crucial Role in a Niche Sector

Owning a restaurant is a highly personal business; often, there is a huge gap between the visions of the founders and what comes to be executed. This is where Baix&Co. comes to aid. The company believes that every project is different and hence does not implement a cookie-cutter formula when dealing with its clients. “All restaurant businesses are set on the same core principles, but the concept, location, vision, budget, etc. influence the way we approach and tailor our services for the clients,” says Peter.

On the other hand, for the highly successful restaurant operators who do not need help with their daily operations, Baix&Co. offers assistance in expanding their portfolio, especially in the area of franchising and going global. The consultancy also assists in upgrading the services, products, processes, and relevant technologies used in restaurants or help them focus more on areas that are lacking. “There is no such restaurant out there where everything works perfectly well or where there is no room for improvement left,” says Peter. “The restaurant industry is constantly and unstoppably evolving and improving; therefore, a good consultant who is aware of the industry’s global innovations, trends, and directions can add value to the already successful businesses too.”

“A good consultant who is aware of the industry’s global innovations, trends, and directions can add value to the already successful businesses too.”

Personalized Experience

Baix&Co. has helped both private and government sector clients from regions such as Europe, Asia, the UK, Caribbean, the Middle East, and many more to attain peak success. These projects aren’t always about opening a new restaurant or upgrading and innovating; some are as small as implementing short-term policies and procedures.

In a world of cut-throat competition, what makes Baix& Co. stand out from others is their understanding of customer or consumer psychology which makes the service highly personalized with effective outcomes. “We like to know our clients personally, know their story and what’s behind wanting to have a restaurant or restaurants, what is their vision and where do they see their businesses in 10-20 or 50 years from now,” comments Peter, who has over 20 years of industry experience. For this flourishing consultancy, the clients are not just a one-time project; they are friends and business partners.

Baix&Co. is constantly searching for innovations, solutions, preventions, and operational practices and up-leveling its game and strategies to suit every client’s needs. “Trust and integrity are vital to me in business and personal life,” says Peter. With strong attributes such as these, the consultancy and its clients are sure to thrive in the dynamic world of F&B. 

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