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World’s first Astro-Image Consultant Geetanjali Mehra on the ‘luck factor’ in your dream wedding!

Meet Geetanjali Mehra, the woman who is in the business of making sure that the stars are on your side as you enter matrimony. Interviewed by Qiraat Attar, written by S. Deepika.

Anyone who dreams of their perfect wedding knows that you’ll be in a frenzy for months before the big day – planning outfits, venue, decor, catering, honeymoon, and more. But on a day as integral to your life, have you wondered if the elements in your wedding please the Gods of fate?

Be it the flowers or the music, the clothes or the rituals, a couple wants their wedding day to play out in ordained harmony to make it the most unforgettable experience of their life. 

Geetanjali Mehra understands this intricately. A woman with uncanny intuition, she is blessed with the knowledge, endowed with rigorous education, practiced skill and purpose to conjure the wedding of your dreams.

First of Her Kind

Geetanjali’s path led her down many different vocations before she came full circle, destined to harbor and disperse the potent power of the universe no matter which turn she took in life.

Having fostered an interest in Astrology and Occult Sciences from a young age, she trained diligently with the All India Federation of Astrologers Societies, honing her acumen in the field.

Later, she professionally trained with the leading Image Consulting Business Institute (ICBI), under the curriculum of Conselle Institute of Image Management, USA. She then pursued a fashion insight training with famous bridal couturier and celebrity designer Manish Malhotra as well as with the London School of Trends.

Given her core affinity to astral sciences, Geetanjali was primed to see the influence of the stars and planets in every domain – whether in the intricacies of image consultancy when she met with prospective clients or in the affluent fashion domain where it seemed like the stars and planets exerted an influence in elements of clothes, in the sharp cuts, the flowing silhouettes, or in the intricacies of embroidery.

With a truly novel idea unseen in the overcrowded, cut-throat competitive wedding scene, Koka is turning heads and making a name for itself

The Stars are Aligned

Weddings in India are iconic, milestone affairs. We literally have the moniker ‘big fat Indian weddings’ to define our singular obsession with it. KPMG consultancy puts the revenue of the Indian wedding industry at roughly 458 billion rupees.

The marriage industry inspired Geetanjali to combine her flair for image consultancy, astrology, fashion, and décor, reinventing the wheel with a blazing new twist to the classic wedding scenario. She is World’s first Astro Image Consultant and lends her expertise to every ceremony where each element is astrologically chosen and designed to harness the auspicious blessings that such a monumental beginning needs.

She also noted that the wedding preparation created confusion and indecisiveness for both the bride and the groom. “Witnessing families running around in stress, organizing and planning right down to the day of the event, instead of enjoying to their heart’s content, was simply unimaginable”. Koka weddings was thus born to make weddings a breeze for the families involved.”

The marriage industry inspired Geetanjali to combine her flair for image consultancy, astrology, fashion, and décor, reinventing the wheel with a blazing new twist

The Stars Have a Language

‘Koka’ is a Punjabi word that stands for the nose stud or nose ring, a gorgeous accessory that the bride adorns on her wedding day. The piercing symbolizes honor and respect to Goddess Parvati, revered as the Hindu Goddess of marriage.

Geetanjali and her team assess the birth chart of the bride and groom to ascertain their lucky numbers and their signs, such as their sun, moon, and ascendant signs. They demystify the unfathomable cosmic concoction of these parts, and their powerful energy is called forth in the marriage rituals with the right attire, timings, colors, cuts, flowers, locations and décor. 

A dedicated team then creates a style file with suggestions of a harmonious palette for the parties to finalize on. The focus here is on creating a design strategy in cosmic alignment with the most auspicious energies as per the couple’s collective zodiac signs, planets, constellations, and numbers.  

Geetanjali explains, “For instance, if Jupiter, the planet of guidance and shelter, is dominant in the birth charts of the bride and groom, good luck is invoked by placing umbrellas prominently across the wedding venue. Or, if the bride or groom is a Virgo, known to be ‘detail-oriented’ and ‘perfectionist’, I advise them to go for outfits with stunning, intricate details to maintain harmony with their sign. Comparatively, Librans, signified by the balanced scales in their sign, adore symmetry. Thus, it’s auspicious for a Libran bride to favor symmetry in her Mehandi (henna design), as well as her bridal outfit and jewelry as opposed to modern, asymmetrical cuts.”

Depending on your sign, Koka also helps you decide the location for a dreamy destination wedding. Depending on which elements of earth, water, or fire, your sign favors, the planners help you zero in on the perfect spot. For instance, if your Earth sign is dominant, pottery is both the opportune pick as well as an aesthetic theme for the wedding or the pre-wedding shoot, and having a ceremony near the mountains brings forth a matching energy that sets things at ease.

NEHMAT KHOSLA looked absolutely stunning with unfading radiance of the sun and colour gold for her engagement ceremony. She paired metallic gold with warm and beautiful beige with a rich sheen, the classic high gloss tone of her attire is reminiscent of a stained glass of an entire spectrum

Signs of Ascension

With a truly novel idea unseen in the overcrowded, cut-throat competitive wedding scene, Koka is turning heads and making a name for itself. The brand was recently in Dubai to attend the Exotic Wedding Planning Conference, where it received a welcome response from major wedding planners, both local and international, who went ga-ga over the unique concept and sang high praise for Geetanjali’s innovation and determination to start something like this, especially in the middle of a pandemic.

Geetanjali is aided in her business by her son Moksh Mehra, a mass media savant who brings tremendous incisive expertise in videography, photography, and editing, catapulting Koka weddings skills to the next level. 

When asked about Koka’s future plans, Geetanjali glows with anticipation. “Our trademark of luck and fortune is a new concept in the industry, which sets us apart. As the wedding industry gets back on track, we have our sights set on growth with the booming market.”

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