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‘ItsHerWay’ founder Armin Jamula talks about leading the path for female entrepreneurship

43% of all global entrepreneurs are women. Pallavi Biju speaks to Armin Jamula, founder of ItsHerWay, about the positive impact her organization makes on female entrepreneurs

When Armin Jamula first pitched the idea of ItsHerWay to her family and friends, nobody believed in her vision. At that point, there were only a handful of female entrepreneurs, and the idea of supporting women to create and run their own businesses seemed foreign to everyone she spoke to. However, five years later, Armin’s endeavor now continues to help over 2000 women create a business out of their calling.

A media and marketing professional, Armin has been in the industry for over a decade before taking up her first entrepreneurship role as co-founder for an in-house marketing agency for Ahmad Ramadhan Juma group, Jalapeno Marketing Management. During her three years with the group, she launched several hospitality and retail brands and revamped their corporate brand.

She left the partnership to start her own venture backed by the principle of “By Women for Women” and created the platform with a mission to “support and empower business-driven women in the region.” ItsHerWay has grown to be a community, a social enterprise of like-minded women geared to excel in their chosen paths.

The Power of She

The members of ItsHerWay, belong to different nationalities and are known as Shepreneurs. They are supported in every way possible, from licensing, marketing, and payment solutions to logistics for all their enterprise requirements.

ItsHerWay is based on the foundational pillars of Commerce, Community, and Collaboration.

The e-commerce arm of ItsHerWay is a fully-functional marketplace for all entrepreneurs to gain clients for their handmade or sourced creations and reach a wider audience. The platform isn’t only for women selling products in all categories. One could be offering their services too – from various forms of coaching to marketing, consultancy, photography, PR services, and more.

We believe in the power of She, and our platform is built on the belief that when women support women, incredible things happen — Armin Jamula, Founder ItsHerWay

“We believe in the power of She, and our platform is built on the belief that when women support women, incredible things happen. ItsHerWay aims to build a community of strong-willed, self-taught, and talented #Shepreneurs,” says Armin.

This community of #Shepreneurs also offers the ideal opportunistic setting for collaborations where women from all backgrounds meet and share knowledge and resources about launching and managing profitable businesses.

Commitment to a Better Future

Currently pursuing a specialization degree in strategy at Harvard Business School, Armin is passionate about honing a positive learning curve to ensure her businesses, ventures, and associations have the best in class to offer.

So far, the platform has a total of 2200 business owners, with a 73% plus in the volume of business generated from 2021 as more and more global service providers are looking to tap the UAE market by becoming vendors.

Future expansion plans in Saudi and United Kingdom are underway for the following year. Armin encourages all female entrepreneurs worldwide to join her community and help fulfill her vision of increasing the success rate of women-run enterprises and having more than 100,000 regional businesses owned and run by women by 2030.

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