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Business issues? Health problems? Relationship hurdles? Astrological advice that can make a real difference…

Aspire ties up with well-known astrologer to answer queries on business related issues

Astrologer to high-ranking business people and politicians

Q. My name is Shivani and I was born on 17/07/1992 at 9.08 am. I’m an entrepreneur in the textile business. I’m married and I’m really confused about what I should do. I would want to start a retail chain for garments and is this the right time to do so? Kindly advise.

A. Dear Shivani,

Being born in Shimma Lagam will always make you a leader in any activity you are involved in. Honesty and justice is very important as you are born in Magara Rasi. You are committed to responsibility and represent the working side. You are prodigious, hardworking, confident, and soft-heartened. You share deep wisdom and understanding. 

Your current period is Jupiter and your 1st house is the same. This house gives you a favourable position and luck. You’re likely to come from humble beginnings and have faced financial worries in your early years, involving separation from siblings. You are dealing with evil colleagues and work life is stressful. As your 7th house is empty, you’ll have no trust among business partners. You’ll never get a promotion and you’ll struggle to make the right decisions in business. 

Saturn in your 6th house will give you stability in the later stages of your life. You will achieve success and have a tendency to be frugal with money as Ketu is in your 11th house. Mercury in the 12th house helps you go abroad and settle. You’ll start a career low and but will rise in life. You will face scarcity of money and will be financially stable after marriage. 

Your right business options are in the fields of garments, hotels, and spa. So, yes you can start your retail chain. Your current period supports that. Born in Ayushman Yogam gives you a long life and the ability to lead business at home and office. You’ll have a tendency to dominate and lead any activity. 

Your Natchathiram is Avittam and you have a tendency to be a little selfish and revengeful. Try not to give in to these. You are mentally sharp and have strong thoughts. Your desire to earn money before and after marriage will remain.

Q. My name is Ramasamy and I was born on 23/07/1957 at 5.10pm. I’m an entrepreneur and into business. My business varies from real estate, art works to textiles. I am experiencing some difficulties in expanding my business. Should I continue my business or hand it over to my son?

A. Dear Ramasamy, 

Being born in the Rasi of Meenam and Thansu Lagnam with the Athipathy of Guru (Guru) your sign indicates always you’ll live in your own world. You’ll tend to be detached, spiritual and quite focussed on your inner joy. You will always require some sort of thrill or excitement to mark your days. 

Jupiter is viewed to be the mightiest or most benevolent planet. He is the planet of wisdom and intelligence. Born in Uthirataathi Natchathiram you have a greatness of heart and individuality. You have a great interest in scientific research and business development techniques. 

You set lofty goals and are adept when it comes to business. Other than your education you possess knowledge in most fields. You are curious, wise, interactive, and inspiring.

Born in Athikunda Yogam, your interests lie in music, theatre, and drama. You may be seen as a natural leader and can take the lead comfortably in most situations. The 2nd house is empty which means you might face financial crunches. If you are born in a rich family, you may not receive any family wealth. Your 3rd house is Rahu which is in the most favourable position and you’ll see success in all business ventures. You’ll have strong will power, good communication skills and innovative ideas. You’ll never need to borrow any money to fulfill your needs.  You’ll attain success over enemies and will maintain a strong attachment to your mother and your family. Jupiter’s position in your fourth house will grant you financial success and help you gain maximum benefits in business. You’ll travel abroad for business ventures. 

However, if your finances are unstable then you’ll lose capital assets, property and shares. Be on the lookout for the signs.

You’ll pursue a career in engineering, armed forces or business as Sevaai (Mars) is placed in 7th house. The placement of sun and mercury help you to achieve great heights in business.

Wearing a gold earring will bring you luck. Placement of a rectangular piece of gold at home will also bring you luck and help you overcome difficulties in a relaxed manner. You have got the ability to organize and manage any business venture due to the placement of Saturn in 10th house which gives you business acumen. You’ll have success in business, but it will require a lot of hard work to realise your dreams. 

The current period of Mars provides stability with your life partner and family life will not interfere in your business activity. So I recommend you continue to run your business for now and there will come a time to handover the business to your son. 

Anand Natarajan (Living as Sai Trust) is the trusted astrologer to high-ranking business people and politicians. He has been practicing in this field for over 20 years. Please send your queries to [email protected] and Aspire Magazine will select two to be published in each issue. For more detailed consultations please contact: +91 99766 49688 on WhatsApp only. All donations will be given to the Living as Sai Trust.

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