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Balancing Polarities naturally – Bio 7 Wellness Method

We all have polarities and there are ways to regulate and balance our energies naturally. The Bio 7 Wellness Method shows you how...
Dr. S Pujah

Chief Energizing Officer, Balance 1 Studio™

A healthy body has a frequency between 62-72MHz. Diseases start if the frequency drops to 58 MHz. Aligning and making the right shift in energies using the essential oil blends and salts is the art and science of what we do. Chakras and Meridian points are energy centres in our bodies. They make up the Energetic Anatomy together with the Biofield or what we also know as Aura. Our physical body is dependent on the energetic body for health and wellbeing. Each body organ, meridians, chakras, chakra petals, koshas, glands, planets, emotions, and space around us has a frequency that can be measured. We utilize the energy measurement through the proprietary and engineered concept healing method, which integrates the measurement of the frequencies of the body and the mind. We can align and correct those frequencies using essential oils and sacred geometry and balancing 5 elements within.

Meridians matter

Our Body is like Electric Circuit – there is twin flow of current in our meridians, A blockage in a meridian (like unplugging two of the extension cords in the circuit) causes an interruption in the flow of energy. The qi (energy) may then find a way to reroute itself through other meridians, but this will lead to a buildup of energy on one side of the blockage and a deficiency of energy on the other. So, balancing the flow of meridians is very important for healthy living.

What is frequency?

Frequency is the measurable rate of electrical energy flow that is constant between two points. Again, everything has frequency. The state of our health and well-being is directly affected by the frequency of our body, and our frequency is affected by the frequency of the things we come in to contact with. Essential oil frequencies have a wide range from 46 MHz up to 580 MHz. Healthy people have a smaller range and our bodies function well between 62-72MHz. Each organ and part of our body operates at its own frequency, and each respond to other frequencies in their own way.

Because our vulnerability to disease increases as our frequency decreases, understanding some different factors that can affect our frequency is important

Bio Resonance Frequencies of Body organs

Healthy Human Organ Frequencies


71-90 MHz

Thyroid and Parathyroid

62-68 MHz

Thymus Gland

65-68 MHz


67-70 MHz


58-65 MHz


55-60 MHz


58-65 MHz


60-80 MHz


50-63 MHz


Frequencies Of People And Things

Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils

47-580 MHz

Healthy human body

62-72 MHz

Human body with cold symptoms

58 MHz

Human body with flu symptoms

57 MHz

Human body with cancer

42 MHz

Human body beginning to die

25 MHz

Fresh Herbs

20-27 MHz

Dry herbs

12-22 MHz

Fresh produce

10-15 MHz

Processed or canned foods

0 MHz

Chakra Oil Energising Kit
The essential oil for wellness

How to raise frequency

Because our vulnerability to disease increases as our frequency decreases, understanding some different factors that can affect our frequency is important.

  • Focusing on uplifting news or positivity
  • Giving or Receiving prayer or good thoughts
  • Rest
  • Fresh air
  • Good nutrition and plenty of water
  • Using high-frequency essential oils

Things that lower frequency

  • Stress or focus on negativity or fears
  • Drinking coffee
  • An acidic diet
  • Lack of sleep
  • Sedentary lifestyle
  • Unhealthy food choices (processed foods, sugar, etc.)
  • Feeling or being exposed to negative emotions, stress, anxiety

The choices we make every day directly impact our frequency. By using high quality essential oils with varying frequencies, and making wise lifestyle choices, we can affect our body’s frequencies so that it can be equipped to handle the day-to-day as well as seasons of additional immune stressors.

The Frequency Wellness Concept

We are being influenced by the magnetic action (or attraction) of the frequencies that surround our lives each day. Frequencies impact our state of well-being.

Essential oils are measured in Megahertz frequencies. Essential oils have the highest frequencies of any measured natural substance. When oils are steam-distilled very carefully, they can be incredible powerful in supporting our emotions and body functions. Everyone can use essential oils.

Not only do they support wellness by supporting our body functions and systems they can also benefit emotional and spiritual well-being. Each drop of essential oil contains countless molecules, so tiny, they can enter every cell of your body, some even crossing the blood-brain barrier.

They are able to support our wellness in profound ways at a cellular level; cleansing, oxygenating and regenerating.

High Power Frequencies of Plants

Idaho Blue Spruce

580 MHz


320 MHz


181 MHz


150 MHz


147 MHz


124 MHz


118 MHz


112 MHz


105 MHz


102 MHz


98 MHz


78 MHz


75 MHz


64 MHz

Relieve It

56 MHz


52 MHz


48 MHz


46 MHz

How does it work?

In our Bio 7 Wellness program, we use the state-of-the-art instruments like a GDV camera, electro-photon imagery, and a Universal Thermo Scanner for creating a bespoke wellness scan for our clients. This pinpoints the reasons for pain and discomfort in various areas of the body and the emotional state of each organ and we create customized Frequency matching Blends solutions. The pre-scan and post-scan results speak for themselves.

We stress the importance of positive thoughts, clean home spaces and healthy eating to aid in all-round wellbeing. Simple changes can yield dramatic results.

The signature “Bio 7 Wellness Method “was created by Dr S Pujah, Founder of Balance 1 Studio™, an ISO-certified, global wellness company. She is the UAE’s first certified Building Biologist. The company has, over 15 years, scientifically developed methods to decode old Vedic traditions and Ayurveda to heal human suffering both at the physical and emotional level. The techniques of Balance 1 Wellness and Geo 1 Space methodology invite wealth, prosperity, and overall well-being.

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