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All lives matter. Find out how you can help the incredible work being done by The Stray Dogs Center in the UAE

In an increasingly frenetic world there are pockets of kindness and love that show us that good will always triumph over evil. Najmus Sahar discovers that The Stray Dogs Center in the UAE is one of those places where empathy and compassion abound

With a mission based on the 4 R’s; Rescue, Rehabilitate, Re-home, and Repeat – The Stray Dogs Center (SDC), UAE, is a non-profit, local, licensed, no-kill shelter based in Umm AL Quwain, with a mission to help the abandoned, forgotten and neglected stray animals across the UAE. It is licensed by the Federal Authority, the Ministry of Climate Change and Environment, and the Government of Umm Al Quwain (By Royal approval), United Arab Emirates.

Behind this cause is a relentless spirit and unwavering determination, that has enabled SDC to grow into the largest animal rescue shelter in UAE, housing 852 doggies 15 kitty cats, and three wonky donkeys. With a conspicuous online presence, the SDC has made an impact far and wide. Resting on the belief that ‘every life counts,’ the Stray Dogs Centre have gone above and beyond their capacity to form an establishment that stays at the forefront of animal rescue. Their approach and contribution to stray animals have been commendable and noteworthy, to say the least.

The 4 R’s

The rescue team at The Stray Dogs Center rescues dogs from every Emirate in the UAE. They have established a community rescue hotline and receive calls from Facebook and Instagram wherever needed. Headed by the formidable Amirah, the rescue team comprises nine trained people committed to the cause of saving animals from a life of hunger and despair.

he journey to rehabilitate is taken up selflessly by the Stray Dogs Center as a form of corporate social responsibility. This is to help the recovered stray animals cope with the trauma of abandonment, abuse, starvation, or illness. More often than not, the stray animals are found in a state of starvation, malnutrition and are often, as a result, sick, and aggressive. They consider it their utmost responsibility to help them recover and develop a coping mechanism.

While they are in their care, the Stray Dogs Center do their utmost to find a suitable home for every animal they take in, as there is always another waiting to be rescued. Irrespective of that, the ‘no kill’ policy is geared to ensure that they live in peace before they are united with their forever humans.

The 4 R’s are repeated daily, though every working minute of the members of this committed and noble organization to ensure the continuity of this socially responsible cause.


Here are 4 ways you can contribute to the Stray Dogs Center and its cause. Even if you do not have a pet-friendly home or are unable to adopt a pet, you always have the option of being a generous sponsor of dogs, for their food and or you can contribute to fundraiser events, adoption charges, fee-paying activities, and vet bills.

Sponsoring a dog
A complete, comprehensive plan that includes all costs inclusive of shelter, food, medical treatment, and care) costs 200 AED/month. You can contribute for a min of 1 month.

Vet bills
This part of stray pet’s care is the heaviest on the pocket and hence requires the highest contribution. All rescued doggies who are sick, injured, or broken incur bills as high as 60-120k.

Sponsor Food   
With the growing concern of feeding ever- increasing mouths, there is nothing as just enough food. Contribute generously to the cause.

General Sponsorship
This category of funds is utilized for overheads, operation costs, maintenance and construction work. Other avenues to contribute include corporate sponsorship, monthly, recurring sponsorship, in the form of either financial support or via products or services

Resting on the belief that ‘every life counts,’ the Stray Dogs Centre have gone above and beyond their capacity to form an establishment that stays at the forefront of animal rescue


Well, you can always give back to society through volunteering – your time is priceless. There’s always something at the Stray Dogs Center that would do better with extra care and a helping hand. You can volunteer for a dog walk, a doggy socialization program, or a grooming session. The socialization program is intended to instill a sense of comfort with other doggies, introduce human touch and train them to walk on a leash. Pet lovers who like to spend quality time with animals and take care of their hygiene and upkeep can opt for grooming sessions too, if they like.

Tailored Events

There’s never a dull moment at the Stray Dogs Center facility. Private dog walks are an effective way to get pets to mingle. Timings and duration depend on the season. And if you are inexperienced when it comes to pet care, worry not, as the Stray Dogs Center even offers a doggy socialization course for adopters or fosters looking to navigate their way without experience. A doggy picnic can also help you warm up to the cause – eat, chill or take a hike. It’s the company that matters! And few things are better than the company of a happy canine.

The Future

Earlier this year, this stray animal shelter was on the verge of closing down when a Royal intervention helped it survive. Social media helped the Stray Dogs Center reach out to its well-wishers and benefactors, and within 24 hours, faith in humanity was restored, when a member of the royal family pledged to support this welfare cause. However, as the numbers of the shelter’s inmates grow and the rising costs continue to offer challenges, this brave organization looks to the greater community to keep its mission active. In a world where the value of human life has deteriorated, an establishment with the noble cause of helping stray animals certainly deserves the spotlight and your help.

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