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‘Woman of Influence’ Juhi Yasmeen Khan on how her philanthropy has helped over 435,000 people

Some people go the extra mile to make the world a kinder place. Qiraat Attar chronicles the efforts of Juhi Yasmeen Khan, a philanthropist for whom the act of giving is without boundaries

How much philanthropy can one muster in a lifetime? Juhi Yasmeen Khan has certainly given and helped, beyond her share, lighting lives and alleviating the pains of thousands. With her heart beating for those who battle against the odds in life, Juhi is akin to a guardian angel, intervening and solving crises with no expectations.

A CSR expert, a humanitarian, a philanthropist, a social activist, a fashion guru, and an entrepreneur, Juhi Yasmeen Khan is passionate about making a real difference to significant issues like the environment and sustainability, poverty, health, education, and family welfare of the underprivileged in the society.

As the first Indian woman CSR and Charity Initiative Expert and Consultant at government organizations in the United Arab Emirates, she has been serving society through her involvement with several humanitarian organizations in the UAE.

Owing to her knowledge and experience in her field, Juhi has been requested to become an advisory board member and judge of various awards related to Business, CSR, and Sustainability.

Charity par excellence

Having over 24 years of experience in humanitarian, human relations, business, and marketing campaigns is no mean feat. In addition, Juhi has a consistent track record of offering guidance and setup for philanthropy and enabling good causes, having worked successfully with companies, individuals, charitable organizations, diplomats, and government officials over a wide range of settings.

Of her own accord, Juhi founded the JYK Community and Hospitality Services, Future Philanthropist CSR Initiatives Preparation company, and the JYK Fashion House and Weekender trading. Through her successful businesses, Juhi is involved in many humanitarian projects, CSR activities, and social campaigns.

Juhi is also the founder of a help group called ‘Women Helping Women’. Having established it with some of the most influential women leaders from diverse fields in UAE, the group helps and empowers underprivileged women of the society. Juhi has helped many disadvantaged women through this avenue, including laborers and other blue-collar workers.

Juhi distributed gifts to labourers at construction sites
Distributing gifts to women workers
Juhi organised Iftar for Special Needs Chidren & their families in Ramadan at Farzi Cafe

A natural ability

Philanthropy requires one to come to the aid of those who can do nothing for you in return. For Juhi, this ability comes as easy as second nature.

Her personality and skillset are wonderfully suited to her life’s work. Easy going by nature and blessed with the ability to get along and interact effectively at all levels and across diverse cultures with people of all nationalities and social backgrounds, Juhi has a knack for assimilating and involve cordially with people at every level, from senior government officials to business leaders to volunteers.

To initiate the next generation of philanthropists, Juhi has founded the Future Philanthropist CSR Initiative Company. About this noble effort, Juhi says, “My company is a bridge between charity organizations and companies or individuals who want to involve in charitable activities and guide them to obtain necessary permissions, as well as guide them about the Dos and Don’ts of charitable activities. Through this company, my objective is to mentor the companies, their leadership, and individuals so that they can organize and be involved in charitable activities.”

Further, Juhi adds, “I strongly believe that we all have so much untapped potential. My work with Future Philanthropist and teams helps uncover natural strengths, deepen self-awareness and activate creative thinking to ensure they succeed at work and in life. The element of sustainability and philanthropy should be mandatory for all leaders; thus, I am on a mission to create more Humanitarian leaders.”

Beyond organized philanthropy, Juhi has helped countless people in difficult, bewildering times. In 2019, JYK helped Prem Sagar reunite with his cancer-suffering wife in India by arranging his passport, ticket, and salary. Through ‘Women helping Women’, she helped a pregnant Asian woman, Maliha (name changed), with the arrangement of medical help and other necessities while her husband was imprisoned. A grateful Maliha said, “It was the most difficult time of my life when she helped me. Words fall short of expressing my emotions for her. All I can say is that she has a very kind heart.”

With Students of Amled School to inspire students to be Future Philanthropist
With lady taxi drivers
With Future Philanthropist- the students

The element of sustainability and philanthropy should be mandatory for all leaders. I am on a mission to create more Humanitarian leaders

Her impact

To Juhi, UAE has been home for 26 years, helping her give back to society and positively shape people’s lives.To date, she has helped raise over 3.4 million dirhams in cash for charity. In addition, she has aided over 435,000 underprivileged people and has helped collect over 16.3 million Dirhams worth of consumer goods to distribute to people in need. From raising awareness about the environment to organizing relief camps to free medical assistance for 32,000+ people, she has achieved milestone upon milestone to better the lives of the underprivileged people around the world.

For her tireless efforts, she has received awards and adulation galore. She was listed as one of the 50 most influential women in ‘Women of Influence in the Arab World 2021’ by Gulf’s most prestigious business publication ‘Arabian Business’ and ‘CEO Middle East’ magazine, as well as in ‘Emirati by Heart Women in the UAE’. She was also featured in ZAYED THE INSPIRER initiative by the Ministry of Interiors UAE in November 2021.

When the world was gripped by the pandemic, Juhi’s work once again came to the fore. For the same, she was awarded the Certificate of Appreciation for ‘Corona Warriors 2020’ by the ‘Public Welfare Foundation, India’.

There are few like Juhi in this world, but the reality is that we need so many more. Time and again, circumstances and events have shown that people are stronger together than alone. We hope that Juhi’s work inspires legions to do the same, and the future philanthropists she creates emulate her in strength and spirit all the way.

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