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The skills that will make you a highly sought after professional

The COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in several changes across the globe, where companies have had to effectively adopt the ‘work from home’ culture moving all of their tasks, including meetings, to digital platforms, resulting in changes towards career demands and expectations too!

This digital shift has caused professionals, be it an entrepreneur or an employee, to now essentially rethink and revise their skill requirements (soft, as well as technical), across their sector as well as the wider market.

The most demanding roles at the moment seek digital and technological skills. These include knowledge of Data Analytics and UX Design. Considering that the world is slowly but surely becoming fully digitized, businesses will require to upgrade the way they create and handle data and records. This is of utmost importance as the information gathered gives valuable insights to consumer behaviour and a thorough understanding of the market dynamics to help plan strategies & marketing moves.

Furthermore, UX Design is now emerging as an important criteria to keep the clients happy by offering a seamless & easy user experience. Coupling the interface design with graphic skills takes your position a notch higher in building a platform that your clients love resulting in higher conversion rates.

The increased digitization has also led to increased cyber-attacks necessitating the need for cyber security in a big way. Upcoming major events like the Expo 2020 (now postponed to 2021) are perfect grounds for hackers having a field day, and so the need for Cyber security professionals has never been greater.

Businesses are also now seeking employees that are lateral thinkers & problem-solvers. An ideal candidate must be able to think critically, analyse a given dilemma and come up with innovative solutions. Strong communication and leadership is a crucial skill for line managers & business leaders to be able to lead a workforce/project to a successful completion especially in a volatile environment such as now. Strong and adaptable professionals know how to manage their emotions in a crisis and rely heavily on their intuitive abilities making them highly indispensable.

According to a recent study by global recruiter Robert Half, the new role requirements is resulting in about 70% of employees across the UAE rethinking their career paths, 22% seeking new job roles, and about 17% employees looking for a career change. Employee attitudes have also changed where 80% now want to continue working from home and three quarters of the 1000 polled want flexible and better working conditions.

‘Evolve’ is the name of the game.

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