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Tariq Azeemi: Investment strategist, legal business advisor and director of Red Berry Corporate services talks about his expertise

This banker’s vision has enabled many strategic economic and business achievements for the UAE. ASPIRE magazine caught up with Tariq Azeemi about his extraordinary career and impressive credentials

With over 15 years of experience in sectors ranging from Retail Sales Network Supervision to Retail Banking and Corporate Services in Pakistan and UAE, Mr. Tariq Azeemi is a dynamic, results-driven entrepreneur and Advisor to the Private Office of Sheikh Ahmed Bin Faisal Al Qassimi with comprehensive experience as a business consultant directing sales, customer services, business strategy, planning, and development.

As the director of Red Berry Corporate Services, he has helped form new companies, make business investments, and economic development in the UAE. He is also the person to go to for advice on all legal forms of businesses, structuring, and restructuring of legal entities, setting up holding and branch companies. With expertise and knowledge in topics ranging across business advisory and corporate services, Mr. Azeemi is a widely read man who is ever willing to help with all things business and law.

As the business advisor, what does your position entail? What is the nature or realm of counsel you provide as a consultant to investors in the UAE?

I am a business advisor to the private office of His Highness Sheikh Ahmad Bin Faisal al Qassimi. Besides, I have also been working as a business advisor to various corporate and new investors helping them with legal structures, business establishment, and strategic investments. Business incorporation is one of my strengths, overseeing the process for new companies that are branching out to Dubai. I have played a vital role in helping businesses related to medicine manufacturing, industrial plants and factories. As someone who understands business establishment and company incorporation inside and out, I believe I have made a mark among the leading business incorporation professionals in the UAE. Under my supervision, companies belonging to sectors such as nanotechnology, AI, medicine, pharma, consultancies, biotech, and retails have been established.

As the director of Red Berry Corporate Services, he has helped form new companies, make business investments, and economic development in the UAE

Tell us a little bit about your journey so far - your life before holding this office.

Before becoming a business owner, I was a professional and seasoned banker working for eight years at the United Bank Limited in Pakistan as a Manager. It instilled in me a customer centric approach in business dealings and many empathetic soft skills as people management. 

After coming to the UAE, I worked for two years as an Assistant Vice President for corporate services leading a team of seasoned business consultants whereby, I was contributing to the 20% of the company’s gross revenue.

How did business formation and advisory become your area of expertise? What all does Red Berry offer?

Red Berry corporate services started in 2016 as a company formation enterprise wherein we have serviced hundreds of new companies for legal structures and establishment processes over the years. I strongly believe that every client wants great services, therefore, listening to the client and understanding them fully is the cue to achieve success in winning more clients. My dream to add to the economic development of the UAE and create more competitive business opportunities in the country is evolving with time, and I work strategically to make it true.

The transition from banker to a company establishment consultant was not challenging. Having a growth mindset has allowed me to adapt quickly. I am a die-hard learner and never let an opportunity to learn slip through. Working in the banking industry in Pakistan for eight years set the foundation for me and I was fairly learning the corporate and banking law that supported this transition.

I believe in evolution; life is a journey that teaches us. Mental abilities continue to evolve and build through exposure and experience. Skills can be acquired and expertise can be built.

With expertise and knowledge in topics ranging across business advisory and corporate services, Mr. Azeemi is a widely read man who is ever willing to help with all things business and law

What kind of businesses has Red Berry supported in its journey?

Red Berry served clients such as Mermaid Subsea Services International from oil and gas sector, Ecolog International which is big in the field of logistics and facility management, and Sunrise which is the largest food processing company in Australia to name a few. Global Petro storage, a Singapore based company, and Seguro Private Wealth and Insurance Brokerage are few of the amazing corporates I have helped establish in Dubai.

What has been the most exciting business you have set up?

One of the very interesting businesses set up by Red Berry include the license for Insurance brokerage. The requirements are comprehensive and it is hard to fulfil them, getting approvals may take longer than expected. It required very comprehensive services and I had to work on the minutest of details to make it possible.

Given your business acumen and vast experience, what do you think are the makings of a successful business?

Multiple factors make a business successful, here are a few that I believe really count.

  • Know your client and the market.
  • Products and services offered should be matching those needs and market gaps.
  • One coin with two sides, one side is market and other is your product and it has to be a perfect union – they should compliment.
  • Develop your financial model and make a financial plan.
  • One year working capital should be with you; one year expense should not prove to be an upset. Have a backup plan to meet the financial hiccups.

Where do you see UAE going, in terms of business and growth, in the next 50 years?

The UAE is growing exponentially. It has overcome the Covid-19 shock very fast and with 95.78% of the population fully vaccinated, most of the road to recovery has been treaded fast. We are delighted to see that the economic growth has accelerated with the Expo 2020 and businesses are thriving. Billions of delegates are arriving in Dubai to make best of the opportunities. The vision of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice-President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai is once again the foundation of the way the whole nation is progressing. The Projects of the 50 and his Centennial Plan 2071 are likely to make the country progress by leaps. In 2009, 85% of the economic growth was dependent on oil exports, now things have changed and other sectors have developed with the superior planning of the leaders to make prosperity and growth possible. We look forward to a brighter future.

What does the future look like for Red Berry Corporate Services?

Red Berry Corporate Services will play its pivotal role in supporting business growth in the UAE. We will continue to support economic development by helping new businesses launch and grow exponentially.

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