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Apple market value is 2000,000,000,000 U$D

Apple is now the first US Company to have reached a Market Value of 2 Trillion USD! The company’s consumers continued to buy apple products while stuck in the lockdown, which has resulted in a 60% increase in the company’s shares.

An upcoming four-for-one stock split is expected to make Apple’s shares more alluring to other potential investors. Other US Tech companies that are beaming with economic success include Amazon and Microsoft, both currently valued at 1.6 Trillion USD and slated to reach the $2 Trillion mark soon.

It would be worthy to note that closer to home it was Saudi’s energy producer (Aramco) that had reached a market value of US$2 trillion shortly after becoming a public company in December 2019. However, its market value now stands at about US$1.82 trillion after a sharp fall in its share prices as a result of the oil price drop.

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