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Shantaram by Gregory David Roberts is more than just a novel; it is a journey into a life lived differently

Shantaram by Gregory David Roberts

If you haven’t already read it, we recommend Movember as the month to lose yourself in this fast-paced account of a man whose life was the ultimate adventure. From the prisons of Australia to the rat-infested slums of Mumbai, India, Shantaram is the gripping account of the life of a felon who escaped a long jail term, Down Under, and ended up as part of the underworld in the Indian city known for its film industry, mega wealth, slums and fast-paced life. Lovingly bestowed the name ‘Shantaram’ by a friend’s mother, which means a man of peace, the incredible life led by the protagonist is anything but peaceful. The book is a gripping narrative of life on a knife’s edge, with the whole shebang thrown in – underworld intrigue, unusually friendships, cultural learning and a look at life as few would dare to even dream of. This is a book about a man whose life took the most thrilling twists and turns, and unsurprisingly made its way into film. We recommend reading the book first, though. Written in beautiful prose, there is an elegance and simplicity to the language that makes the stark reality of the story even more impactful. It is a large tome, however, enough to keep you occupied, page-upon-page, for quite a while.

Available at all major bookstores and online retailers.

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