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Use this planetary guide to help you navigate your personal and professional life with ease during the month of July

Astrology has long been used to calculate and predict events and outcomes. These monthly horoscope predictions for July 2023 are based on Vedic Astrology for the 12 Rashi or Lagna

Vedic astrologer

Planetary Transits in July 2023


Stays in Mesh Rashi


Stays in Kumbh Rashi


Moves into Kark (Cancer) Rashi on 17th July (until 16th Aug)


Enters Simha (Leo) Rashi on 7th July


Enters Simha (Leo) Rashi on 1st July

Auspicious days for May: 1, 5, 7, 9, 10, 11, 14, 19, 23, 24, 25, 26, 28

In Vedic astrology, planetary transits (movement of planets through the zodiac) are known as “Gochara” and are considered to have a significant impact on our lives. Their importance is next to Dasha only and similarly, the planetary transit of 2023 will play an important role in shaping our life. You will have to keep an eye on all the major and minor transits this year because they have the ability to trigger events in our life both good and bad.

In Vedic astrology, each planet is associated with certain qualities and characteristics, and its transit through various zodiac signs affects us in different ways. For example, when Jupiter, the planet of expansion and growth, transits through a favorable sign in a person’s birth chart, it can bring good luck, wealth, and opportunities. Similarly, the transit of other planets like Rahu, Ketu, and the moon can bring significant changes and challenges in a person’s life, depending on their placement in the birth chart and the current transits.

It is important to note that while planetary transits can indicate general trends and tendencies, they are not the only factor that determines a person’s fate and the position of the planets in the sky at any given time influences our personal and collective experiences. Therefore, the yearly transits of the planets are closely monitored and analyzed in Vedic astrology

Mesh (Aries):  This month will be favorable for this zodiac sign. Your Lagna lord will transit in Leo, the 5th house of “Poorva Punya” sthan. Take care of overheating during the month. You will be more active and aggressive so have food that cools your body. Making the right decision at the right time will give you success. You will not have to put in a lot of effort to achieve your goals. Business matters need close attention and you will get good results for hard work. There is a need to try and maintain family and business harmony. Venus enters Gemini this month and your financial condition will improve significantly, with chances to invest in something. This signals a better future ahead.
Lucky colors: Orange, Grey, and Yellow

Taurus (Vrushab): A good month for Vrushab people. Your lagnadhipathi / Rashi adhipathi Venus will be transiting in the 4th house. You will enjoy luxury, and buy new movable and immovable assets. Some will visit their hometown or visit their parents. You will get good news from children. There could be unexpected expenses during this month, so plan accordingly.  You will feel rejuvenated and joyful the whole month enjoying the luxuries and pleasures of food.
Lucky colors: Orange, Red and White

Gemini (Mithun): A great month for the Mithun people. Your 10th house lord Jupiter is in your 11th house. Lagna lord/Rashi lord in the 2nd house will give you good financial gains from work or business. Some can expect financial help from their father. This is the time for the fulfillment of wishes. There will be long-distance travel. Eat healthy food and make sure you keep your body cool. There will be pressure at work but you will successfully handle this. The hard work you put in this month will pay you back with great recognition in the future. Be confident and you will be successful in all your efforts.
Lucky colors: Green and White.

Cancer (Kark): A good month for Cancer ascendants/Rashi people. 2nd lord in Lagna/Rashi gives a gain of money and wealth. If you are looking for a job, there is a possible job change. You will do very well in business or work. During the month, expect gains from family, and good news as well. You will profit through long-distance travel during the second half of the month. You will see success in matters related to land-building, property. If you are currently living only with your needs, you will see good times soon. Hold on until October to buy property or luxury items.
Lucky colors: White and Green.

Leo (Simha): This is a super month for Leo people. Your Rashi lord/Lagna lord Sun will be exalted in the 9th house. You will gain through long-distance travel.  Interest in social work will increase at the beginning of the month. A very good time for people in government-related business. New avenues will open in the direction of career and business. You will feel very energetic from mid-July. Family and economic conditions will improve. Overall, a good month for you.
Lucky colors: Red, Orange, and White.

Virgo (Kanya): A great month is coming up. This sign will see wishes getting fulfilled this month. You will gain recognition in your profession or business. Children will do well in education. Moreover, in terms of health, please be careful with what you eat outside. Eat healthy food and make sure you keep your body cool during the month.  The health of your spouse is to be taken care of carefully. Your elder siblings will gain through business or their jobs. You may gain wealth or property during this time
Lucky colors: Green and White.

Libra (Tulaa): You have been going through tough times since April 2022. Hold on until October this year. You will get back whatever you have lost. Good times are waiting for you. This month your 11th, 1st, and 3rd houses will be activated, so this is an exceptionally good month for Librans in terms of fulfillment of wishes and gains, siblings, and health issues. You will make a good profit and a good network circle for the growth of your business. A good month for relationships. For some of you, the issues you were facing will end and you will be able to marry your partner.
Lucky colors: Blue and White.

Scorpio (Vruschik): A good month for Scorpio people, especially in their love life. This month your seventh house (Vrushab Rashi) and fourth house (Kumbh Rashi) will be activated and there will be cooperation and harmony in matters of the heart. Health is to be taken care of, especially for senior Scorpions; you may face some problems related to digestion, a stomach infection, cough, obesity, or heart-related problems. You are advised to take extra care of your health and get involved in physical activities of your interest to maintain a balance of your mental and physical health and avoid stress. You also need to be conscious about the health of your parents; get their routine checkups done and cater to their emotional well-being. 
Lucky colors: Orange and Red.

Sagittarius (Dhanush): This is a promising month for Dhanush natives. The process of self-development will be there, as in the month of July, your Lagna Lord Jupiter (22 April) has entered your fifth house and impacted all houses, especially your fifth house (Mesh Rashi), 7th house (Mithun Rashi) and ninth house (Simha Rashi). You will get super auspicious results related to these houses such as children, education, relationships, and long-distance travel. Sagittarians who are planning to extend their family and are willing to have children will see positive results. In general, you are advised to pray and offer yellow flowers to Lord Vishnu on Thursdays.
Lucky colors: Yellow and Gray.

Capricorn (Makar): A good month for the Makar people. This month your fourth house (Aries sign) and eighth house (Leo sign) are being activated; so, this month will bring mixed results for you. If you were planning to buy a new home, expand and renovate the existing house, or buy a new car or any vehicle, this is a very promising time for that. Healthwise, you need to be conscious of your health. Don’t indulge in the consumption of unhealthy food and drinks, do regular exercise and maintain hygiene, and drive safely. In general, you are advised to get all your routine checkup done this month. Take extra care of your mother’s health as well.
Lucky colors: Blue, Black, and Green.

Aquarius (Kumbh): This month your 7th, 9th, and 11th houses will be activated; so, this is a very promising time for Aquarius natives who are willing to get married. There will be the fulfillment of wishes and gains. If you are already married and facing conflicts in married life, those conflicts will end. This is also a good month to start business partnerships. And people who are already in partnership ventures will see harmonious relationships with their partners. Your tenth house will bring a lot of positive changes for you, and you will feel relieved from the challenges you faced earlier. In general, you are advised to keep your associates, servants, laborers, etc happy. This will provide you with Saturn’s blessings.
Lucky colors: Blue, Navy Blue, and Black

Pisces (Meen): This month your 2nd, 5th, and 7th houses are active. It is a good time for financial gains, the purchase of assets, children’s education, and relationships.  This month you also need to be conscious of your health. Jupiter’s placement in the second house shows that you may be indulging your appetite which may cause problems like obesity, weight gain, digestive issues, and liver problems. Professionally your time is undoubtedly lucky. You can expect a promotion and hike in salary if it is due because your tenth lord and Lagna lord Jupiter have moved to the second house of savings. Also, there are chances that you may have to travel overseas for work this month/year. During this time, you are advised to pay attention to yourself and your wellbeing
Lucky colors: Yellow.

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