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Meet your deeper self at the Orenda Retreat to connect, transform and grow

Orenda Retreat

Join the ORENDA RETREAT brought to you by Aminah Gbajabiamila, a passionate Possibilities Purveyor. An experiential Transformational Life Stylist renowned for her themed, eclectic Vision Board – Personal Growth Agenda (PGA) events, Aminah is a John C Maxwell Team and Lisa Nichols Certified global practicing coach, speaker, trainer, and mentor. Author of the eBook ‘The Daring Power of One: 1’m POSSIBLE. So Are You’, and GINGERAID Coloring & Mindset Transformation Book (co-Authored with her Teenage Daughter, Naimah) Aminah is dedicated to serving individuals to connect soulfully to live their best authentic, purposeful, and productive lives.

The Orenda Retreat is designed to help facilitate an expansive experience of being yourself (again) or meeting your deeper most soulful self for the very first time. A big part of the purpose and focus of the Orenda retreat is to Connect. Transform. Grow.

Join in for the luxurious 6-day retreat experience where time is on your side. Leave all the cosmopolitan city hustle and bustle behind and retreat to the tranquility and stunning natural landscapes of Khor-Fakkan. Your days are carefully structured with specially curated mind, body, and soul activities and learning experiences that will contribute to your overall lifestyle improvements. Old patterns are open to change as you learn new techniques that eventually become a part of your daily living. The new you is likely to bring you greater peace of mind, and more energy when you return home from the retreat. If your health, wealth, relationships, career or business are not to your satisfaction then the Orenda Retreat is an invitation to your soulful rebirth.

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