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Sai Speaks

Aspire ties up with well-known astrologer to answer queries on business related issues

Astrologer to high-ranking business people and politicians

Q. I am Rudra. I am involved in the real estate and have associations with state politics. My date of birth is 26/9/83 and my time of birth is 5.30 am. I am a qualified designer for the last 17 years. Now I have lost interest in business and want to become a spiritual leader. I have a family and a thriving business, but something is calling me in this direction. I would like to know if the stars are aligned in favour of this?

A. Born in Bharani Natchathiram, your stars say you’ll rule the world. Your Rasi Mesham gives you the quality of a spiritualist and your Lagnam of Shimam give you the character of a leader. Born in Harshana Yogam means that you’ll be a leader who’ll lead the people. Your astrological sign says yours is one if the rarest configurations. You have a sign of a yogi who is very keen to take Jeeva Samathi.

According to your sign you’ll pursue a career in textiles and will have  a talent in the creative arts.

Your current sign of Rahu from May 2014 to May 2032 signs suggest that you will pursue any business related to land. Real estate would be an apt business for you.

Do not have partners because you’ll be betrayed. You should never give loans to anyone because they might turn against you.

You will be famous in any field you are in and will lead a luxurious life. Your family will support in all your endeavors.

You have most likely build a temple or house of worship at the age of 36. You like to give satsang and always have people around you who seek your advice. Your signs indicate you are curious about occult practices. 

You ll have a son and based on him you’ll create an organization that will be very successful.

In your early 40’s you will be likely to renounce a normal human life and will pursue a spiritual career. For the next 30 years you have a great future in this area.

Regarding politics you’ll have close associations with politicians but cannot become a politician yourself. From May 2032 to May 2048 is your peak period for your business and spiritual career.

Q. My name is Vignesh. I am involved in the real estate and have associations with state politics. My date of birth is 16/7/93 and my time of birth is 11.25 am. For the last two years my business has suffered with unexplained delays and blockages. Work begins and then seems to stop. It is causing me a lot of financial issues which in turn spills into my personal life. Please could you offer some insight on my circumstances and some remedies to bring back professional balance in my life.

A. You have a great future ahead born in Rishaba Rasi and lagnam of Meenam.

I foresee position of Minister for State for you as GURU is placed in the 10th house of Rasi Chart. Your current astrological signs of Guru from May 2017 till May 2033 says that you’ll have a successful business life. 

In your personal life you’ll have another child, but it is likely your spouse may face health issues. You need to take care of your health, as well, as you might suffer digestive disorders.

Your parents will be keen for you to take up a corporate job, always want you to but your stars indicate you’ll be a successful entrepreneur and also enter politics. Any business related to land, buildings and brokering will bring you success.

Your most successful years will be between the ages of 47 to 55.

In case guru is aspected in an unfavourable way, then you shall face huge loss and misfortune. Otherwise, you are bound to find your easy-going days. You will be able to exercise the right kind of judgment towards financial matters and therefore manage the resources effectively.

Though any fluctuations are usual in everyone’s life, you are assured of lifelong financial protection.

This house says you are a highly influential social character. After 2033 you will become a person of political influence. You will easily gain power, authority, leadership and the most coveted position easily without much effort. Those who plot against you might not prove successful.

You need to undertake a lot of charity works to win the favour of Guru and avoid extravagances and thoughtless spending.

Never engage in professions related to selling gold or jewellery. This will lead to the loss of wife, wealth and property.

Anand Natarajan (Living as Sai Trust) is the trusted astrologer to high-ranking business people and politicians. He has been practicing in this field for over 20 years. Please send your queries to [email protected] and Aspire Magazine will select two to be published in each issue. For more detailed consultations please contact: +91 99766 49688 on WhatsApp only. All donations will be given to the Living as Sai Trust.

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