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Planetary Transits in March 2023

Mercury: Moves into Meen Rashi on 16th
Sun: Moves into Meen Rashi on 15th
Venus: Moves into Mesh on 12th.
Mars: Moves into Mithun Rashi on 13th March


As Saturn, the slowest moving of all grahas (planets) has just moved to another Rashi after 2.5 years (from Makar (Capricorn) to Kumbh (Aquarius) on the 17th of January 2023, March is very important for all Rashi/Lagna signs. Kumbh is Saturn’s own sign, and the graha will be transiting the house after 27.5 years.

The current position and the transition/movement of the Sun, Moon, Saturn, Jupiter, Venus, Mars, and the shadow grahas Rahu and Ketu in the Zodiac in relation to their position at the time of your birth, gives you guidance related to human behaviour and events. The results of planetary transits can be felt at different times and different ways in one’s life.

Lagna sign is your identity, your personality, your image in the society, outer self and your expression. The monthly predictions are based on your Lagna and Rashi (Moon) sign as per Vedic astrology and in combination of current planetary position/transits.

Auspicious days for March: 1, 4 , 9, 11, 18, 22, 23, 27, 30, 31

Mesh (Aries): A good month for Aries people. The 1st half of March is going to be action packed for the good. You will be full of energy and confidence during the second half. Try to improve relationship with siblings between 3rd to 14th Mar. This month will be “dreams come true” time for Aries people. You will buy/enjoy luxury goods during the second half of the month.
Lucky colors: Red and yellow.

Taurus (Vrushab): The 1st half of the month is going to be awesome for Taurus People. Lagna Lord Venus will be exalted in Pisces in the 11th house. This is the time for fulfillment of wishes and gains at work and business. Around mid-month expect promotions/moving to management role. Please try to control anger throughout this month. You will get goodnews from children. The 3rd and 4th week is good for property or luxury purchase. Try to keep your body cool as excess heat may be generated in your body.
Lucky colors: White and blue.

Gemini (Mithun): A fantastic month for Mithun people. There are high chances for you to experience new things this month. Moreover, there are high chances to switch careers/jobs. Your children will do very well during the second half of the month. There will be long distance travel – likely relocation due to a new job or business opportunity.  Luxuries come your way during the 2nd half of the month (after 15th Feb thru 15 th March).
Lucky colors: Green.

Cancer (Kark): A decent month for Cancer ascendants/Rashi people. At the beginning of the month. There will be full support of the family and you will receive good news. You will gain through long distance travel during the second half of the month. For some there will be gains from a maternal uncle. Good news from children can be expected. You have been living only within your means since April 2022, and very soon you will get all that you need. You will have success in matters related to land-building, property. This is a good time to buy property. If you are going through health issues expect to feel better during this month.
Lucky colors: White and Yellow.

Leo (Simha): This month is going to be very auspicious for Leos. Interest in social work will increase at the beginning of the month and it is a very good time for people in real estate, agriculture or the automotive trade. New avenues will open up in career and business. Expect promotions and rise in income. If you are going through health issues since Mid-January, You will be healed after 14th Feb thru mid March. Family and economic conditions will improve.
Lucky colors: Red.

Virgo (Kanya):  The natives of Virgo Zodiac sign will experience beneficial outcomes this month. You will gain recognition in your profession or business. Children will do well in education and you will experience fruitful outcomes this month. In terms of health, please be careful with what you eat outside. Eat healthy and keep your body cool during the 1st half of the month. Especially try to maintain good relations with your father.
Lucky colors: Green and Blue.

Libra (Tulaa):  The natives of Libra Zodiac sign will have what is truly theirs this month. You will get recognition for all the work and efforts that they have made. Artists get recognition and new opportunities. This month is a period good health. Long or short distance travel with family is possible in the middle of the month. Love will strengthen in relationships and there will be happiness and compatibility in married life.
Lucky colors: Blue and white.

Scorpio (Vruschik): A good month for Scorpio people who  will transition to new jobs that  will prove beneficial.  Opportunities will arise to get a step closer to desired goals. In terms of health, Scorpios must be cautious about  diet to prevent and protect themselves from any illness. Do not ignore health problems this the month. Students can expect promising results at the end of the month. During this time, there will be co-operation and harmony in love affairs. 
Lucky colors: Orange.

Sagittarius (Dhanush): Those of the Sagittarius zodiac will experience certain changes in their life. You have just come out of your Sadesati which is great news. You will start to get back whatever you lost in the last 7.5 years. Please try to control your anger and aggression this month. One of the skills that you will and should work on is your communication skill as this can prove to  be quite beneficial for you soon. Moreover, in terms of love aspect, you will have a fruitful relationship with your partner and the love will deepen between you both. Your health will improve during this month. Overall, a good month for you.
Lucky colors: Yellow and White.

Capricorn (Makar):  The first half of March is going to be mixed bag for the Capricorns. Only by working hard in the field will you get good results. Expenditure and income will also be the same ratio, so spend cautiously else you may have to borrow towards the end of the month. Some family disputes involving land-building, ancestral property may arise. During this time you will see benefits in work and business circumstances. Obstacles  in love affair will be removed. You will see some disputes from children this month but this will pass by the end of the month. Do not ignore health problems.
Lucky colors: Blue and Green.

Aquarius (Kumbh): In the beginning of March, with the help of a person, you will be able to find a solution to a big problem. The first week is a very good time for financial gains. Drive slowly. Take special care in eating and drinking. Stomach problems can occur. During this time young people will spend most of their time indulging in leisure activities. Short or long-distance travel is possible. Appreciate the feelings of your significant other or the relationship formed may not go well.
Lucky colors: Blue.

Pisces (Meen): For people of Pisces zodiac sign, there will be more progress in career than expected in the month of March. In the beginning of the month, work stuck for a long period will start seeing momentum. Spending on resources such as luxury and vehicles etc. will increase. Those in overseas- related work will meet influential people who will become a major means of future benefits. You will see a spell of good luck in the middle of the month. Success will be achieved even in difficult tasks. Love relationships will strengthen and married life will be happy.
Lucky colors: Yellow and White.

Vedic astrologer, Gopi Krishnappa (AstroGopi) offers astrological guidance in  English, Hindi, Tamil, and Kannada to a global clientele. He is available for personal consultations.
E-mail: [email protected], WhatsApp: +91-7305860061

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