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Marketing strategist Mobin Zaman is empowering coaches by making their businesses profitable

Mobin Zaman is an entrepreneur, coach and marketing strategist of some distinction, empowering coaches, consultants, and experts through automation and process-driven solutions

He possesses an unwavering belief in the transformative power of coaching, and he champions the idea that each individual ought to have a guiding mentor, propelling them towards self-improvement and empowering them to achieve greatness while positively impacting the world we inhabit.  His track record speaks for itself…

What motivated you to specifically focus on this sector? Why are automation and process-driven solutions necessary for success?
As an inspiring entrepreneur, coach, and marketing strategist, I firmly believe that every individual can benefit from having a coach by their side. Witnessing the struggles coaches, consultants, and subject matter experts faced during the lockdown period motivated me to address their challenges. I quit my corporate job and dedicated myself to helping these professionals grow their businesses. Automation and process-driven solutions became the key to their success, enabling them to generate qualified leads and scale their operations consistently.

Could you give some examples of this?
Absolutely. We have developed a client-acquisition system that automates the sales and marketing process for coaches and consultants. We ensure that our clients receive quality and qualified leads by utilizing sales funnels, organic and paid marketing strategies, and pre-qualification techniques. Our approach has resulted in significant ROI, with some clients experiencing up to 5x returns. By automating their marketing processes, we free up their time and energy, allowing them to focus on their core strengths and passions. 

Q: What are three key challenges that your clients typically face regarding growth and scaling?
1. Limited Capacity: Coaches and consultants excel at their work but often struggle with administrative and marketing tasks. They must free up time to scale their businesses by automating these processes.
2. Lead Generation: Finding a consistent stream of quality leads is a common hurdle. Our automation solutions address this challenge by implementing targeted marketing strategies and pre-qualification techniques to deliver qualified leads to their sales funnels.
3. Scaling Operations: As businesses grow, managing increased client demands becomes overwhelming. Automation and process-driven solutions enable them to streamline operations, automate repetitive tasks, and optimize efficiency, allowing for seamless scaling.

Our approach has resulted in significant ROI, with some clients experiencing up to 5x returns. By automating their marketing processes, we free up their time and energy”

How do you assess the most effective solutions for your clients?
We start by understanding our client’s unique challenges, goals, and aspirations. We then collaborate closely with them to craft an offer that aligns with their expertise and resonates with their target audience. We create a marketing system that targets relevant individuals and businesses by developing a case study focused on a specific problem, solution, offer, guarantee, and call to action. Our qualification process ensures that only qualified leads book appointments, maximizing conversion rates and efficiency.

Can you share some insights or success stories of clients significantly benefiting from your coaching and strategic guidance?
One of our clients, a lifestyle coach based in Dubai, struggled to generate consistent leads before working with us. Through our Client Acquisition System, their lead generation increased by 300%, leading to substantial growth in their coaching business. Another client, an NLP Trainer in Dubai, saw a 4x increase in qualified leads within three months of implementing our client acquisition system. Their entire business is based around this automated system, and they have been reaping the fruits for over 2 years. Of course, there are many such examples… 

What are the common misconceptions or myths about you often encounter? How do you address and overcome them?
There is the belief that automation replaces human interaction, that it is only suitable for large-scale businesses, that it eliminates creativity and innovation, and also excludes the personal touch. We emphasize that automation enhances rather than replaces human interaction. It allows coaches and consultants to focus on building deeper connections with their clients by eliminating time-consuming administrative tasks. 

We also debunk the notion that automation is only for large-scale businesses, as our solutions are tailored to individual professionals’ specific needs and budgets. Furthermore, automation actually fosters creativity and innovation by freeing up time for strategic thinking and problem-solving. Finally, we emphasize that automation is not impersonal but rather a means to deliver a more personalized and efficient client experience.

A lifestyle coach based in Dubai, struggled to generate consistent leads before working with us. Through our Client Acquisition System, their lead generation increased by 300%, leading to substantial growth in their coaching business.”

As the business landscape continually evolves, what emerging trends or technologies do you see as particularly relevant or game-changing for this industry? 
The emergence of Artificial Intelligence (AI) holds significant potential for these industries. AI-powered chatbots and virtual assistants can provide personalized coaching experiences. At the same time, data-driven insights obtained through AI analytics tools enable coaches and consultants to make informed decisions and deliver targeted strategies. 

AI-driven automation streamlines repetitive tasks, voice and language processing technologies enhance client interactions, and predictive analytics enables proactive and personalized offerings. By embracing these emerging trends and technologies, coaching, consulting, and subject matter expert businesses can stay ahead of the curve and provide transformative experiences for their clients.

What advice would you give to fellow entrepreneurs, marketing experts, or coaches in this space?
My advice to fellow entrepreneurs, marketing experts, and coaches is to become lifelong learners and stay updated on the latest trends and technologies in automation and process-driven solutions. Understand the pain points that coaching and consulting businesses face and develop a results-oriented approach that focuses on delivering tangible outcomes. Build strong relationships with clients, continuously refine your processes, and remain adaptable and agile in your approach. By combining technical expertise, business acumen, and a genuine passion for client success, you can make a significant impact in helping clients with innovative and need-based automation and process-driven solutions. 

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