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Learn about how the Goulding Method™ helps parents raise happy, well-adjusted children using a simple at-home technique

As the world gets more complicated listen in as Aspire talks to Joane Goulding about her unique Method and the simplest way to raise happy and healthy children

A brief introduction about yourself – your background, qualifications, etc

I’m Joane Goulding, the creator of the Goulding Method™. I am a published author and international speaker with five decades of professional leadership, and education mentoring.  Since the early eighties, I and my late husband directed the government accredited Australian Academy of Hypnotic Science. As a well-respected, globally recognized clinical hypnotherapist I have educated, supervised, and trained thousands of professionals.

What is the Goulding Method™?

It’s a cost-effective, solution-orientated, client-focused, drug and substance-free method for children dealing with anxiety and stress. I have had the privilege of sharing the Method around the world and am yet to encounter a child that has not exhibited stresses or anxiety of some kind. It’s offered as an alternative self-help option; It is safe, simple, ethical, and non-intrusive. The Joane Goulding Method™ supports parents by professionally instructing application of the Method in the safety and comfort of their own home while their child or children are asleep. 

It’s a very simple, easy-to-apply modality. It is not about ‘curing’ conditions, it’s about making the most of what “is”. It’s about nurturing your child’s mind to give the greatest gift of all – an attitude of happiness and confidence and develops emotional resilience in children, using a Method of simple techniques that only takes a few moments each night.

What circumstances led to the discovery / formulation of the Goulding Method™?

In 1966 my daughter Michelle was born with major physiological impairments and brain damage which unfortunately only became apparent when she was five. Initially I was told there was no real concern but as time passed my despair was overwhelming as my inability to support my growing child became even more confusing and frustrating. My daughter was eventually diagnosed with cerebral palsy and an approximate IQ of 45, she was deemed emotionally disturbed and therefore exhibited selective mutism. Though I was devastated and angry, I embarked on a parenting path that would change the world and made it my mission to see my daughter walking, talking, and running without falling over and leading a full and happy life.

The process I developed as a result was made possible because of help of two ‘mentors’. My late husband who believed in the power of mind, its creative mechanisms, and its ability, and Emile Coue, the author of the book titled: Auto Suggestion. It outlined the difference between the conscious brain and the sub/unconscious mind – the computer of the mind which we all have and the power of suggestion over the same. Other research around the world during the late seventies indicated that the mind is always listening even while appearing to be asleep. My exhaustive research led to understand that it was my daughter’s conscious brain that was impaired, not her subconscious mind. And thus, while investigating alternatives I eventually activated the oldest law of the mind. “If you can imagine it, you can become it”, and “whatever you believe deepest in your heart will be afforded unto you.”

The subconscious awareness when activated is called ‘The Arising Reticular Activating System’ or the RAS. It is as though the subconscious mind has an antenna, always listening. This means that parents must be aware that a child’s mind can still hear even while asleep. There are no available filters (the conscious brain) to determine the truth of the conversation. The subconscious mind doesn’t know the difference between that which is vividly imagined and that which is reality. It just absorbs the information and it becomes ‘fact’ in the memory banks of the mind. 

Mother Sleeping Child

Over the years her selective mutism disappeared and she has been called out for being ‘too verbal’. Movement and strength have increased and as of 2022 has been happily married for 33 years

What changes did you see in Michelle after applying the Goulding Method™?

It took a couple of years to develop the application once the procedural format was determined. I remember asking my daughter a question one morning: “how are you?” She paused, head to one side and said with a frown, “Happy.” Over the years her selective mutism disappeared and she has been called out for being ‘too verbal’. Movement and strength have increased and as of 2022 has been happily married for 33 years.

Is the Goulding Method™ endorsed by any accrediting bodies?

Over the years numerous organizations, associations, and training bodies around the world, have recognised the training and the accreditation offered to consultants. Currently a major university in Germany is about to publish a 2-year research paper with some very positive and exciting outcomes. Parents worldwide endorse the Joane Goulding Method™, as for many, the Method has given them hope and support when mainstream intervention could not.

What benefits can a parent expect to find in their child/children on applying the method?

It depends on the individual circumstances and the issues the family is dealing with. It also depends on the parent’s compliance with the Method and showing consistency of commitment. There are so many benefits and I suggest looking over the many case history reports that are available on the international and official professional consultants register at, and also perhaps the research  at

How long does it take for the Goulding Method™ to show results in the child?

In the early years feedback of change usually became apparent or occur within the first month. Then as we progress through generations that time frame become longer. Basically, it depends on the individual circumstances of the presenting issues.

The Brain That Changes Itself
The Goulding Method Cover
Click on the book to purchase

Does the Goulding Method™ interfere with any ongoing treatments / therapies?

No. It’s very supportive of any other intervention being considered by the family. However if there is a history of medical or psychological distress, it would benefit the family to have the support of their therapist and supervision of an accredited Goulding Method accredited consultant, if in doubt, you can find support at

Have you received any awards and recognitions for your work?

Yes, I have. A life membership with ASCH, CCH, AACHP, and the title of Hypnotherapist Emeritus by PCHA. I have been the recipient of many accolades and awards throughout my career; the 2016 Clinical Hypnosis Hall of Fame Award from the International Medical & Dental Hypnosis Association (IMDHA) in conjunction with the International Association of Counselling Therapists (IACT) was an honour. I am also an independent consultant to The Hypnotherapy Council of Australia (HCA) and an honorary life member of numerous hypnotherapy associations.

Can one learn the Goulding Method™ and what is the way to go about it?

Parent training is available worldwide as is professional training to become a Joane Goulding Method™ accredited consultant. Parents or professionals can visit the International Register at and select an Endorsed Consultant or Licenced Trainer

As parents, offering emotional hugs and happiness insurance are just two of the many outcomes and strengths this non-invasive, substance-free Method offers. The downline ramifications of change permeate throughout the entire family

The one piece of advice that you would like to give all parents across the globe?

Give a few moments of time and energy each evening to balance distress and create a happy home environment.  As parents, offering emotional hugs and happiness insurance are just two of the many outcomes and strengths this non-invasive, substance-free Method offers. The downline ramifications of change permeate throughout the entire family. An example is sibling rivalry which just disappears, or unresolved fears and anxiety diminish, replaced by calmness within the household. In summary I recommend The Joane Goulding Method™ to all families as it’s not what we leave to our children that matters, it is the knowledge that we leave in their minds.

The Joane Goulding Method has, for half a century, created and continues to create a movement of peace and positivity for as the great poet said, “Child is father of the man.”

The Goulding Method book (The Foundation of SleepTalk™) can be purchased here

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