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Meet the ‘Met’: Bring Met Gala’s hottest red carpet looks to your workplace

While the MET Gala brings together a cornucopia of fantasy outfits, in between lie creations to boost your everyday corporate wardrobe's style quotient. Ayaat Attar shows you the best pieces from this year's MET Gala to take your boardroom style to the next level

Earlier this month, the world’s most famous and fashionable faces gathered at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in the bedazzling city of New York to celebrate the opening of this year’s Costume Institute Exhibition. There is no fashion event talked about as much as the legendary Met Gala.

Amidst the pandemic of 2020, the red-carpet event was pushed by a year and finally saw the light of day earlier this month. True to form, just like all the previous times, it evoked scoffs and gasps, inviting several opinions by haters and lovers alike, courtesy of the unabashed display of the most whimsical looks.

Every year there is a common understanding that the outfits worn at the star-studded affair are purely for the purpose of the celebration of art and cannot be donned at any other red-carpet event, let alone their emulation by the common public. The event is strictly a one of its kind – the Met Gala outfits are in no way a fashion advice!

However, what if we told you that the Gala outfits featured this year had elements that you could incorporate in your corporate clothing? Here’s presenting a compilation of Met Gala’21 inspired outfits that can lift your look on a regular workday!

Black Is The Only Black

Who wore: Kim Kardashian

The reality-tv celebrity decided to go black – literally from head to toe, dressed in a stunning Balenciaga ensemble that symbolized celebrity status and sexuality in new-age America. Hounded constantly by the paparazzi, the megastar took this as an opportunity to don the anonymous status for the evening. Well, at the end of the day, black is the only black and we bet Kim Kardashian agrees!

Channel Your Inner Kim-K

  • Women can rock a power look, donning a crisp black suit and a stellar black clutch to go with. Keep the look contemporary with formal bell-bottom trousers that are back in fashion and how! The men can go classic with a twist, sporting a minimalistic turtleneck that is unpunctuated with detail or embellishment underneath a well-pressed suit.
  • Head for that much needed night off with your closest folks from work, dressed in a form-flattering black high neck tee paired with a jet-black faux leather skirt. Throw on a pair of stockings for added oomph and finish the look with a pair of high-heeled stilettos.
    The men can go glam and throw on a shimmering black velvet jacket with detailing on the shoulders over a pair of fitted trousers. Go for slick gelled hair to further underline your mood for the evening.

Play With Your Suit!

Who wore: Elliot Page

The 34-year-old Academy-nominee who came out as transgender earlier this year, proudly adorned an endearing green carnation pinned to an oversized coat. A hat tip to the legendary Irish poet and playwright Oscar Wilde, the carnation stood as a symbol of queer love.

From the perspective of pure fashion, the green rose added a pop of color, breaking the monotony of the same-old suit, making it the perfect element you could incorporate in your outfit for that high-profile boardroom meeting.

Let The Brooch Do The Talking

  • Want to break the ice in a room full of corporate moguls? Go with a lapel pin that says something intimate about your taste, liking, or even just yourself –your favorite sport, flower, or the initials of your name. Additionally, a brooch that reveals your soul animal could serve as the perfect conversation starter with a fellow believer!
  • You could also use the lapel pin to break the monotony of the good ol’ suit to add in a pop of color and enhance your overall vibe. This is a great idea to bring out the duality of your “work hard, party harder” persona, making you seem more approachable and attractive almost instantly!

Color-Blocking My Way To Work

Who wore: Eva Chen

Director of fashion partnerships at Instagram, Eva Chen, lit the red carpet up, dressed in a technicolor outfit by the King of Crayola (crayon brand) John Rogers. The outfit is speculated to symbolize the history of American cinema from the black and white era to its present-day glory and beyond!

Set The Tone of The Day, With The Hue You Wear

  • Don primary colors for work today and let your inner child out to play! Go for layers in your clothing with fabrics that let your skin breathe. Keep jewelry, makeup, and print on the down low and let hues take you over.
  • Spin the color wheel and carry an accessory of a warring hue with your monochromatic workwear. The color pop can be brought in by a bag, a pair of standout shoes, a scarf, or even an overcoat. Keep the rest of the look minimal, and you’re good to go!

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