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Meet Brandon Han, the man who champions the accounting world

He took accounting practices to a new, incisive high. Julia Jasmine catches up with Brandon Han to understand what makes him and his company the force it is in the accounting world

One of the most prominent bankers from South Korea, Brandon Han has created a niche for himself on foreign shores, in one of the most exciting countries in the world. Brandon’s career graph spans ten years in investment advisory consultancy and more recently 5 years in accounting. Rather than just transferring figures from receipts to the system, his cutting-edge firm goes the extra mile to plan and recommend effective and customised financial plans to a diverse range of clients.

Early Years

Becoming an investment advisor or an accountant wasn’t Brandon’s original career goal. “Watching my father’s friends, my uncles and their accountants counting money and preparing financial statements was boring,” reminisces Brandon with a laugh. But over time he understood the powerful difference that intelligent and honourable accounting could make. Accounting and investment banking was not his first choice of study at university either. He started out as a computer science student only to realize, six months later, that it was not his cup of tea. Determined to create and promote the practice of viable financial planning, he embarked on a transformational journey that led him to become a thought leader and a sought-after advisor in the financial sector.

Brandon Han

The company

Brandon founded Confiance Accounting in Dubai to ensure that his clients walked out the door with a sustainable, personalised financial plan. He provides an expert, tailored service aimed at facilitating sustainable growth plans, decision-making and crisis management strategies that surpass all expectations. Rooted in communal values, Confiance Accounting demonstrates partnership and networks with reputable law firms, auditors, financial institutions, consulting firms and asset management organisations to provide a comprehensive scope of services. One of the most notable features of this firm is that every client solution is streamlined with professional support from a team of expert directors, making Confiance discerning before clients a one-stop solution for clients looking for bespoke accounting services. This satisfaction of seeing his clients happy with the results he provides is the driving force of Brandon’s life and keeps him purposeful and motivated.

Strategy served

Brandon Han believes that every crisis offers opportunity in disguise, allowing us to effectively plan and adapt. He comments on the impact of the pandemic – which led to a prevailing reluctance in the business world to invest, hire and expand. Significant fear led investors to strategize aggressive growth or to terminate business. While being cautious about exploring current nuances is vital, Brandon says that making safe and small steps ahead is equally important. He adds that the UAE market is intact, stable, and open to opportunities. Talking about novel concepts, he says, “Rather than just saying no to all new investment schemes, it is better to keep an open mind and try to accept the picture as is.” He states, for example, that even though crypto currency is labelled as a gamble by many, closing our eyes to this new financial phenomenon is unwise; it is important to take cognizance of the fact that leading international funds have invested in crypto.

Even though crypto currency is labelled as a gamble by many, closing our eyes to this new financial phenomenon is unwise; it is important to take cognizance of the fact that leading international funds have invested in crypto

Sage Advice

When asked, what he would choose if he had to pick another profession, Brandon reveals his admiration for trading: he is currently working on an entrepreneurial venture in this field. He says that if there is one bit of advice he would give to his twenty-year-old self, it would be “Start trading early.” Spending one’s 20’s getting to know the benefit of shrewd investments is a step in the right direction; enough to get the ball rolling for a longer, wiser journey of financial management, feels Brandon. The tenor is different a couple of decades later. Has one’s plans achieved sustenance; is it still viable; should plans be aligned to nuances? These are the questions that 40-year-olds’ should ask themselves. Starting to review financial plans is of paramount importance as well. And as the sixties roll around the circle of life is back to gaining knowledge about varied pension funds and retirement plans. Brandon’s sensible planning is simple, yet brilliant, and it is this facet of his functioning that sets him apart.

Talking more about accounting, Brandon discusses innovative accounting to be an underrated finance technique that adds value to the organized data feed. “It is not just numbers,” he says. “The focus of innovative accounting is analysis and interpretation of credit rating with the found numbers.” He has seen that predicting future prospects and analysing loopholes in the past that impacted the numbers can offer  major advantages. He, most importantly, believes that customizing financial needs is ultimately about people, and not just about figures.

The track record

Brandon Han and his firm are a well-known name in all the right circles. His firm delivers to a clientele that encompasses some of the best-known names in the market.  Mashreq, First Abu Dhabi (FAB), Samsung, Hyundai, Kia Motors, Posco, Mitsubishi Corporation, China State Construction Engineering Corporation, are just some of the giants that have trusted him and the services of Confiance. He has advised and executed several project financing for landmark projects in the UAE such as the Ain Dubai – the Biggest Ferris wheel in the world. Brandon also drafted the finance plans for well-known multinational companies, and from inception, his work is one of acquisitioning excellence and reputation.

The man

Brandon defines himself in one word – “Honest!” Telling the truth about the financial statements of a company, the credit values and the expected outcomes – is an integral part of being a people’s financial advisor. He shared that he was excited about the forthcoming corporate tax and the number of ways in which he could assist people with his advice, on this front, to best deliver solutions at a critical time, with integrity and transparency.

In a world, where financial systems are under constant scrutiny, Brandon Han stands as a visionary; setting standards in accounting excellence that make him the role model for others to emulate. In short, he cuts the perfect figure.

Brandon Han can be reached at [email protected]

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