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Mclaren Artura 2022: this luxury vehicle is the ultimate in EV luxury

The McLaren Artura 2022 is a trail-blazer model, forecasting a future of technological excellence in the auto industry. Julia Jasmine scouts the brand-new McLaren Artura 2022.


The Exterior

  • McLaren Artura – the hybrid supercar is a lean, brand new carbon fiber ultra-lightweight architecture curated for stability.
  • The wheelbase is 30 millimetres shorter than the 720S providing a shrink- wrapped appearance. With minimal shut lines and panel joints the car is all set for an optimum aerodynamic performance.
  • There are two options of exteriors – Black Pack and Carbon fibre pack with defined headlight bezels, front intake surroundings, door mirror casings, front fender louvers, front splitters, diffusers, rear bumpers and exhausts.
  • A thermal insulated windscreen makes a summer ride comfortable with favourable temperature control.
  • A dazzling choice of exterior colours range between standard, elite and the McLaren specials. The most sought-after Flux green colour is an elite range.
  • The Pirelli P Zero corsa types are specially designed for performance driving suited to tolerate temperatures up to 54 degrees Fahrenheit, 8 degrees more than Pirelli P Zero tyres.
  • Dihedral doors and rear clamshell adds to the aesthetic appeal.
Mclaren Artura 2022

Cabin style and interiors

  • The interiors of the ultra-modern automotive suave is designed to offer comfort, aesthetics and easy accessibility to controls.
  • If you love black aesthetics, this car is for you. The Carbon Black Alcantara interior comes with steering wheels, head linings, interior doors inserts, centre console, binnacle cover and dashboard in jet black elegance.
  • The Club Sport seat is standard. 10-way lumbar adjustment and power adjust heated memory comfort seats that offer optimum luxury.
  • The arrangement of the instrument panel is a sought-after feature for track performers. The digital screens and control panel are mounted on to an adjustable steering column enabling the driver to handle operations with easy visibility at a preferred height.
  • Want to set the vehicle on sport mode after a track performance? Just tap the rocker switches that are positioned on either side of the binnacle controlling Powertrain and Modes.
Mclaren Artura Cabin

Tech and Infotainment

  • Track performance can become an entertaining experience with the high-tech features found in the new McLaren Artura 2022.
  • The android based Advanced Driver Assistance system twins a smart phone with HD touch screens in portrait mode. Voice commands activate Apple car play, Android auto, audio, navigation and media operations.
  • The McLaren Track Telemetry, natural language voice control, emergency call, over-the-air software updates are innovative adds to this machine.
Mclaren Artura 2022

Efficiency and Mechanics

  • The light weight Artura is the promise of efficiency. The doors are an example, made of out single aluminium pieces weighing just 11kgs each. Rear-wheel drive facilitates weight distribution. The seat is a unique combination of light weight, sturdy racing material. Batteries and motors comply to the reduced weight.
  • The new 8 speed gear box is a real game-changer which is constructed without reverse gear. The electric motor sends the transmission directly into reverse action.
Mclaren Artura 2022

Engine and Performance

  • The Artura performs with a peak speed of 330 kmph with the all new M630, 120 degrees, 3-litre twin electrically actuated turbochargers. The V6 all-aluminium engine gives a max rpm of 8500.
  • The 7.4 kilowatt refrigerant cool lithium ion battery gives an all-electric range of 20 miles and accelerates up to 81 miles an hour
  • The power unit ensures a torque output of 720 MN, 671 horsepower and a combined power of 500 kW.
  • The axial flux motor is small, weighing 15.4 kgs and delivering instant torque and a game-changing throttle response that sets the vehicle on par with the wind itself.

Fuel Economy

  • The electric mode runs solely on the car battery ensuring an emission free journey of about 30 kms. The possible transitions between electric and track performance is a fuel saving eco feature.


  • The vehicle has an effective anti – lock braking system, traction control system, electronic stability control, launch control, variable drift control and hill hold assist. The Artura range comes with a 5-year warranty plan entitled, “Peace of mind” with various service plans guaranteeing a safe driving experience.

Near Misses

  • In comparison to the 570 model, the Artura is slightly heavy with a weight difference of 6 kgs which is felt on the road while performing.

Mclaren Artura 2022


  • The Ferrari 296 GTB, closely similar to the Artura, which boasts a 3 litre V6 engine with an electric motor and delivers a horsepower peak of 830, making it a worthy adversary.


  • The new McLaren Artura 2022 is not just a techno-marvel but also an important manufacture of this decade, where high performance technical expertise meets multi-purpose functionality. The 4 different modes like electric, comfort (set as default), sport and track make the vehicle a jewel on the tracks and a perfect partner for short commutes. The hybridity is astounding- talk about taking your formula 1 speedster for a grocery run – with no emissions.

Price Point

  • The new McLaren Artura 2022 ranges between AED 960,000 – 1,100,000.

When Does It Launch?

  • The eye-catching novelty is awaiting to steer through the automotive market in 2023.

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