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Learn how to launch a successful NFT with effective marketing

Creating an NFT without effectively marketing it, is wasted opportunity. These top 3 steps will ensure that your NFT is a resounding success
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CEO, Cuberoot Technologies

The hottest buzzword and one of the most sought-after ideas not going anywhere in the enigmatic Cryptoworld is NFT (Non-Fungible Token).

As a CEO of an established business or a founder of a startup you not only need to keep yourself updated and informed of the latest market trends but also succeed at them. NFTs are taking the world of digital marketing by storm, and you surely don’t want to miss the boat if it can take you across the high seas.

The New Wave In Digital Marketing

NFT or the non-fungible tokens, the unique and non-interchangeable tokens, have been garnering a lot of eyeballs across the globe. Watching the latest trends and exactly how the selling and purchasing process is going, I can clearly foresee that NFT will further change and revolutionize the digital scenario and how the digital marketplace works.

NFT has been the primary route for artists during the pandemic, through which they reconnected and spread their art to their fans. The big brands are also taking NFT to promote and expand their brand name, thus making NFT one of the most valuable tools for marketing and branding.

The last year could be easily named ‘The year of NFTs’. Since the news of the sale of Beeple’s ‘First 5,000 Days’ NFT at a jaw-dropping $69 million became public, NFTs erupted into massive popularity, which was hitherto unseen. Due to this event, other major blockchain players like Tezos and Solana have also begun developing their own NFT marketplaces, leading to the soaring demand for NFTs. Let me give you a quick trivia- you’ll be amazed to know that Colin’s Dictionary even honored the term NFT by naming it the ‘Word Of The Year’ in 2021!

The following 3 steps are vital to the success of an NFT when marketing it.


NFT Token

Building Your NFT Community

Talking about the success of NFTs, one of the most important factors behind their success is the community created around these NFT projects, which could be easily called their social media vanguards.

A renowned NFT community is an online group that possesses NFT enthusiasts who have taken on the crucial responsibility of actively taking charge of the NFT projects through:

  • Creating
  • Buying
  • Selling
  • Debating
  • Collecting
  • Hyping

It is a highly dynamic amalgamation where all the creators, investors, fans, and enthusiasts of the nascent digital assets come together as well as collaborate on its development. There are multiple social media platforms through which all these NFT communities are spreading their wings. Amongst the many forums with an active hyper fan base, the top four are Twitter, Discord, Telegram, and sometimes Reddit, which are mainly used.

Apart from gaining a lot of financial success through marketing, building an NFT community automatically leads to a lot of success for multiple NFT projects since it generates a lot of buzz and positive hype.

But you must also note that whenever you are building a healthy community, it cannot be achieved in a single day. Many enthusiasts would think it is a pretty easy job, but the reality is far from it. The driving force behind any thriving community, especially in this domain, would depend on how beneficial a particular project is to you and your community.

One should definitely have a proper vision and concrete road map reflecting how much care one possesses for the community, paying careful attention to the earnings, other monetary transactions, and also the worries that come with it. You must also visualize their project as if it is your own and, in the process, move it forward whenever any milestone is achieved.

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Building an NFT community automatically leads to a lot of success for multiple NFT projects since it generates a lot of buzz and positive hype

Selecting a Media Channel For Your Community

Social Media platforms are the perfect place to start building an NFT community and is gaining much importance in this realm.

The most common social media channels identified for community development are:

Discord, which was a gaming platform at the beginning, has now completely transformed into a hugely influential medium designing instant messaging as well as discussions about crypto, NFTs and related topics. 

Twitter, which has been a super successful microblogging site, is also considered highly suitable for brief announcements, on-spot interactions as well messages between you and your community. Since it has a limited number of characters, Twitter is apt for the micro-messages.

Telegram rooms are an open platform for discussions that are detailed, long, and time consuming in nature within a community, if not been restricted only to administrators. The audience can seamlessly navigate through all the information as well as announcements that are made public in their absence. It also aids the community in interacting in real-time.

Interacting And Engaging With Your Community

When you are brainstorming to develop and build your community, one of the first things you must do is interact with the community members personally. This is a very different activity than making announcements or creating social media posts. 

You can keep them associated at every step of the development by tagging them in different sessions on your projects and about your community, like the AMA or Ask Me Anything sessions which are hugely popular today.

Telegram and Discord are gaining massive popularity for these sessions where you can host live audio and video sessions. Twitter spaces are also becoming a huge rage these days.

The first and foremost thing is to identify your target audience, and once you have done that, your next step should be to focus on your vision and create strategies to achieve it accordingly.

It would be best if you were not short-sighted and instead focused on what your intentions are to achieve with this community in the years to come.

You might have an exciting vision, but if you do not have a full-fledged strategy, then whatever idea you have will be ruined. Your strategy should be planned in a way to make your vision practically possible and also successfully convince your audience to hop
in and trust you to lead them towards a golden future.

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