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In conversation with Anul Mundra, Founder of ‘Indian Expats in Dubai’, and Ramez Helou, Founder of ‘The Academy for Sales Excellence’

Pallavi Biju in conversation with Anul Mundra, Founder of the popular platform ‘Indian Expats in Dubai’ and Ramez Helou, Founder and CEO of The Academy of Sales Excellence’.

Anul Mundra

As the largest and the fastest-growing Indian business community platform in the UAE, Indian Expats in Dubai (IED) prides on a huge number of subscribers and followers across various social and digital platforms. 54,000+ subscribers on FB, 53,000+ on Insta, 30,000+ on WhatsApp, and 15,000+ on Telegram to be precise. This extraordinary feat was gracefully achieved by Anul Mundra, an epitome of women’s power and perseverance, who established the brand back in January of 2020 to bring together Indian expats living and working in the UAE. As a recipient of over 20 awards in her career, she has been recognized as the ‘Best Business Influencer 2021’ at the Business Excellence Precision Awards and ‘Best Social Entrepreneur’ at the business summit by Nousheen Mukhtar International Events. She has also gained international recognition by being featured in the Celestia UK Magazine as one of the top women entrepreneurs in Dubai. Very recently, she has also been awarded the ‘Best Social Entrepreneur 2022’ at the Global She Awards – a global women entrepreneur’s event and award ceremony conducted by the Ladies Business Magazine Global.

An engineer by degree and an ex-banker by profession, her venture into entrepreneurship started as a journey to discover the potential of the expat community in Dubai. As someone who loves to travel and socialize, Anul aims to provide her and her business’s full support to those bringing up their businesses in the UAE and is passionate about keeping the Indian community in the UAE together. As a highly influential business personality, Anul has also graced the Jury Panel of various prestigious events held in and outside Dubai. Indian Expats in Dubai has also been featured by multiple established media outlets like Gulf News, Khaleej Times, Zee TV, Star Plus, B4u Plus, Dubai Eye 103.8, Radio FM 106.2, etc.

The brand, which was formed to support businesses through advertising and marketing, has also expanded into event management and has established a name for itself by conducting big-scale, in-house events and also by partnering with other events as support or social media partners. Through their marketing and advertising activities, Indian Expats in Dubai has supported over 300 businesses in the last two years, which is a great achievement considering the global pandemic and its effects on business. Anul’s vision is to make IED a one stop solution for all branding and marketing requirements globally. Following her mantra of ‘Dream Big, Act Bigger’, this vision won’t take long to turn into reality.

Ramez Helou

What differentiates the successful from the strugglers is the implementation of knowledge gained. Ramez Helou, the Founder and CEO of ‘The Academy for Sales Excellence’ understands this all too well and makes sure that all of his trainees understand the difference too.

A master professional speaker and trainer with over 32 years of sales and sales leadership experience and an adjunct professor of Leadership and Sales at Hult International Business School, Ramez started his career in direct sales at the young age of 19. Conquering great heights and many accolades in his vocation, he soon also achieved the ‘Hall of Fame’ status with Vector Marketing Corporation, an honor reserved for the top achievers in the industry. After many years of perfecting his skills and knowledge, he stepped away from corporate life to pursue his passion for keynote speaking and sales training which eventually led to the foundation of his brainchild, The Academy of Sales Excellence. With years of experience behind him, Ramez boasts skills ranging from Keynote Speaking and Corporate Sales Training to Management Consulting and C-level executive coaching.

“According to the Ebbinghaus Curve of Forgetting, we forget up to 90% of what we hear in just seven days. How often have you attended a course where you struggle to remember, let alone apply what you heard,” points Ramez. The programs at The Academy involve coaching and immersing processes that enable people to transform selling skills and knowledge into behaviors and then further modify them into successful sales habits that help the learners achieve their goals effortlessly. “The way you sell is based on habits that you build over time, and you either have the right habits that are helping you achieve your goals, or you have the wrong habits that are taking you away from achieving your goals consistently,” he adds.

The Academy offers a comprehensive teaching and learning method where-in learners are taught through live or online sessions as well as through the proprietary sales coaching app. The app helps measure and track the behaviors of the learners through observation as well as through reflections from both themselves and their Sales Leader. This helps provide a 360-degree-view of the behavioral change process and ensures that the habits formed lead to the foundation of the right language and sales culture that will benefit the entire team.

Ramez’s entrepreneurship journey which started almost 12 years ago has resulted in significant revenues, appropriate sales strategies, and professional advancement for hundreds of clients in the Middle East and around the world. During his 32 years of service, he has taught his selling tactics to over 100,000 sales professionals on five continents. The Academy of Sales Excellence, led by Ramez’s expertise, provides tailored sales solutions to help you sell more, sell faster, and sell profitably.

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