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Google Contributes to MENA’s Economic Upsurge

‘Grow Stronger with Google’ – is a new program launched by Google, to accelerate the MENA (Middle East and North Africa) region’s journey to economic revival through digital renovation. The program aims to support local businesses by recommending several training sessions, digital tools, and offering financial grants, with a special focus on businesses in retail and tourism.

The ‘Grow Stronger with Google’ Program includes facilities such as Mentorship, Digital Skills and Cloud Training, and support for the Digital Transition of small businesses.

His Royal Highness, Hamad Buamim, President and CEO of Dubai Chamber of Commerce and Industry, thrilled about this initiative said, “We are proud to further our collaboration with Google on this game-changing initiative, which builds on the remarkable progress achieved in boosting our members’ online presence in recent years.” He also said that Google is working with MENA to reach a target of helping over 50,000 local companies to develop through Google My Business, and he is confident that they will achieve this goal and soon create newer opportunities for many job seekers as well. The Managing Director of Google in the MENA region, Lino Cattaruzzi said, “Through our program we will help people learn new skills and find jobs, and help businesses grow online, especially those in the retail and tourism sectors that have been most affected.”

Google is very optimistic about this program and the future of this region. Cattaruzzi further stated that he is confident that collaborating with local partners can help boost the economy and further increase the rising use of technology observed since the pandemic.

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