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Foxconn, a supplier of iPhones, will relocate its production from China to India

Foxconn, one of Apple’s main suppliers, and a significant producer of iPhone components, will invest approximately $700 million to construct a new facility in the state of Karnataka, in India. The move comes as US companies are increasingly reassessing their dependence on China against the backdrop of growing tensions between the United States and the Chinese government. It is reported that Foxconn will erect an iPhone parts plant on a 300-acre land close to Kempegowda International Airport in the capital of Karnataka state. Located on India’s southwest coast, Bangalore has one of the highest per-capita GDP levels of any Indian state. Government representatives confirmed this report, which stated that the new plant would generate 100,000 jobs. The project will be one of Foxconn’s biggest investments in India.

India and Vietnam have emerged as the two leading candidates to supersede China’s dominance in manufacturing and supply. Prior news reports back the statement made by Indian government officials who said that Apple wanted to increase production in India to make up 25% of their overall output. Foxconn already has a footprint in India through a Chennai-proximate factory in eastern India.

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