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Going beyond the advised shade, Lynette Lobo, Makeup artist and fashion icon on her ‘Dazzle’ empire

It isn’t a simple task to handle a myriad of interests and careers; however, Lynette Lobo manages it all with dignified grace. The renowned entrepreneur and fashion icon sits down with Pallavi Biju to talk about her inspiring métier

“Entrepreneurship isn’t just a label; it’s a lifestyle.” A paragon of the adage, Lynette Lobo is a business entrepreneur, certified make-up artist, travel and style expert, a co-producer and renowned fashion icon.

A champion of women empowerment, an eminent brand ambassador to several brands, and over 15 accolades to her name, Lynette is the CEO and Founder of five companies: Dazzle Vici International, Vici Vista global services, Dazzle your Style, Dazzle your Moments, and Dazzle your Travel.

The Drive To Success

Adored as the In-flight Supervisor of the Cabin crew in the World Famous A380s and Boeing 747s and 777s for both Saudi Arabian and Emirates Airlines, Lynette Lobo bid farewell to her aerospace career in Dec 2019. Since then, she has channeled her energies in building and developing a veritable empire of businesses and has built an impressive repertoire.

A certified Hollywood make-up artist under the Marvie Beck Makeup School, she has been a fashion stylist for over 27 years. Backed by a Master’s Degree in International Business Management from UCAM, Spain, and a double Accreditation Diploma from Cambridge University, UK, Lynette has put this esteemed educational pedigree to good use, having won numerous awards and accolades for business excellence.

A sought-after ‘member of the jury’ and ‘guest of honor’ at several fashion and business events and a member of many entrepreneurial business groups in UAE, she has also now successfully co-authored a business book called ‘Who Moved My Heels’ sending out an inspiring message to all women to go headstrong into their businesses always believing in magic for exponential growth of their ventures.

Business aside, Lynette also walks the serene paths of spirituality, as is apparent by her status as a Reiki Master in training. Having completed all levels of culinary and wedding cake decoration courses from the Canadian Wilton School of Cake Decorating, she also indulges in routinely creating and decorating sweet treats for herself and her loved ones.

A champion of women empowerment, an eminent brand ambassador to several brands, and over 15 accolades to her name, Lynette is the CEO and Founder of five companies

She has attended the Photography Course at the University of SAE, Australia, and the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, at the prestigious New York Film Academy, shaping a passion for photography, film production, and direction. All of Lynette’s life is a testament to following her passions, thus having attained the status of an apodictic all-rounder.

Truly an entrepreneurial powerhouse, she is committed to constantly uplifting herself and others around her. She has recently co-produced two movies with a social cause- ‘Burn’ and ‘Dance Battle 2022’. The former send out a message about anti-smoking and latter is about the youth and their balance of talents and academics.

She says, “It is crucial to have a good balance in personal life and business.” Her two sons, Marc and Darren, her super supportive mom Philomena, and her business partner Tania Pereira are her pillars of strength. Standing tall beside Lynette supporting her business ventures, Tania is a seasoned professional with over 19+ years of robust and diversified experience working in a cross cultural environment within the Travel, Technology and Events industry.

Lynette with her business partner Tania Pereira

A Dazzling Business

An established business connoisseur, Lynette holds core competencies in business development, strategy management, profitability management, client service and key account management, advertising, and education consulting. As the CEO and Founder of five well-known, reputable companies, she has constantly proven herself to be a master of all trades.

Steadfast in her decision not to cut corners in any aspect, she adeptly juggles her role of CEO, a leader and mentor to her staff. As a team leader, her priority is training and empowering her staff to constantly educate and better themselves and foster a healthy and fulfilling work environment.

A beacon of trust for her customers, she focuses on providing the finest products and services to them and delivering the latest innovative technologies. With the best interests of her customers, Lynette persistently analyses and re-analyses the strategies implemented and further upgrades them to ensure financial sustainability and improve future investments.

“Success doesn’t have to come at the price of solitude.” It can be achieved with all of us uplifting and empowering one another. There is enough room at the top for everyone passionate enough to succeed.”

Making ‘Her’ Story

Appointed as a Women Empowerment Ambassador by the Deuchakar group of companies, she helms the program in Canada, as well as co-represents it in the UAE and UK. Lynette also works alongside Women in Business International to provide women with business licenses plan and develop their upcoming enterprises and provide them with an official platform to sell their products in the UAE.

Her passion for empowering women extends empathetically towards those who had to fore go their careers in favor of family life. She aims to help revive their love for business, take it to new heights and support them achieve all their ambitions.

“Women are equipped to naturally balance and multi-task to manage their families, homes, businesses and their passions,” she asserts. “Each woman must believe in herself and feel empowered to create magic in her own way, and then help other women attain the same empowerment.”

“Success doesn’t have to come at the price of solitude,” Lynette comments saying that it’s imperative that women stick together, hold hands, and raise each other rather than being envious of another’s success. “It can be achieved with all of us uplifting and empowering one another. There is enough room at the top for everyone passionate enough to succeed.”

A Dazzling Tomorrow

Thanks to her persistence and dedication, Lynette withstood countless trials and tribulations to emerge victoriously. Even during the global pandemic, which crumbled businesses like a pack of cards, she steered her group of companies – Dazzle Vici International – to success. Today, having stayed the course, they are now more determined and committed than ever.

Above all else, she finds immense solace and strength in her faith in the Almighty and thus is always grateful by all the blessings she receives for herself, her family, and her businesses. “Although everyone in the world has their own journey, filled with highs and lows, one thing that remains constant is the presence of the Creator, and so once we are sure we have done our absolute best, we should rest assured that God will take care of everything else,” she says humbly.

Lynette believes that the essence of success is distilled in dedicating yourself to your future and never losing sight of your passions. It is only unearthing one’s true calling in life that will reveal to them their purpose in life. Wisely, she concludes, “The only way to success is to pursue your dreams with a fierce passion, dedication, and 100% commitment. While we focus on our businesses, we must give back every day to society in our own little way.”

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