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Beat the scorching Dubai heat with these ‘must have’ summer essentials

Dubai summers can parch you, but the sun can also be your spotlight when you have these essentials in tow. Deepika S peruses the arsenal of offerings in the market so that you are always summer-ready

Dubai is full of exciting events all year round, but if the scorching heat stops you from stepping out, worry no more as we have you covered. From shades to protect your eyes to body mists that will have you smelling sprightly and fresh all around the day, check out these five essentials Aspire swears by to keep you unaffected by the blistering UAE summers.

Sunglasses or Shades

Sunglasses are the classic multipurpose accessory – protecting you from the sun, elevating your overall look, and shielding your eyes from exposure to ultraviolet light. From your face cut to the shape and size of your peepers, various factors dictate what shades suit you best. Facial structures can often be a dealbreaker for your preferred sunnies – for instance, people with rounder faces should consider an angular frame.

Another deciding factor could be the color of the lenses. Women opt to play with a range of shades and hues such as pink, red, violet, green and yellows, while men generally favor it more subtle choosing the more conservative and neutral colors. The material of the frames be it plastic with color or prints, or metal in gold, silver, steel grey or black, with or without embellishments gives both the genders ample of variety and looks to choose from. Both genders can go either for the subtle or bold and chic route depending on personal styles and occasions.

We recommend the 2086/s by Fossil, which protects from even the harshest of the sun’s glare. Your eyes won’t strain and you will look super chic as its shape is quite flattering and gives the shades a wholly different vibe. Affordably priced at AED250, they could be the pal you’ve been looking for while taking a walk in this heat or cruising down Dubai streets.


If you thought the sole purpose of a sunscreen is to protect your skin against UV rays, prepare to have your mind blown with some facts – applying sunscreen consistently every day can lower the risk of contracting skin cancers by 50%.

Furthermore, sunscreens prevent your skin from experiencing signs of early aging, such as the decomposition of collagen, which makes your skin saggy and of a much thicker, sluggish texture. Additionally, wrinkles and lines on your face and discoloration are other side effects of sun exposure which you can avoid by simply applying a few strokes of sunscreen on your face, giving you a much more even and finer skin tone.

These sunscreens are classified into chemical-based sunscreens, which use chemicals such as octocrylene and oxybenzone to filter out the sun’s damaging radiation. The other option, mineral-based sunscreens, physically block ultraviolet radiation with ingredients like titanium dioxide or zinc oxide. As such, mineral sunscreens target the skin’s uppermost regions to suck up, deflect and scatter the UV rays.

It is vital to note the SPF when picking the sunscreen. The SPF number indicates the total duration for which a product can protect your skin from sun exposure. Humans can experience sunburns and visible damage within 15 minutes of being under the sun, so a cream with SPF40 can give 40X sun protection against the sun. This also means that applying sunscreen lotion is not a one-and-done deal; you need to reapply it every few hours, especially when you go out.

If you’re someone with sensitive skin, we recommend the CeraVe AM Facial Moisturizer with Sunscreen and SPF 30. If most products have been overpromising in terms of sun protection, here’s something we think will stay true to its word. CeraVe’s subtle scent and water-based consistency make it perfect for your skin to lock in moisture. It also blends in perfectly with a variety of your skin tones.

We bring you another much-loved product in the market to keep us well protected from the sun, the broad-spectrum liquid sunscreen from Neutrogena, touted as one of the best for acne-prone skin. It’s a chemical sunscreen suitable for all skin types. It has a light, matte texture that won’t clog your pores. It’s also sweat-proof, waterproof, and non-comedogenic. Neutrogena is dermatologists’ top recommendation when it comes to sun protection. You can buy it from Noon today at DH 51.95 only and make it part of your skincare routine.

Deodorants and Body mists

Next up on the list of summer must-haves is a mist that sensually blends floral and musk notes in the most natural way possible. White Musk from The Body Shop is a perfect scent for those with sensitive skin. The formulation contains hints of jasmine combined with a vegan musk and aldehydes, uplifting the senses and imparting a glow to your skin. It’s also enriched with hydrating ingredients and isn’t sticky on the skin. This is a clean scent to take with you wherever you go. Festivities and summer are just around the corner, so this is a perfect occasion to pamper girls with this floral mist, as it offers a subtle, affable scent that will last longer and is also very affordable.

As the heat and humidity can be a huge barrier to your skin’s glow, we also recommend investing in a deodorant that will help reduce perspiration to keep you vibrant and cool. Start your day feeling energized and invigorated with the Aromachologie Refreshing Aromatic Deodorant, with natural infusions of essential oils from Provence. Free of aluminium chlorohydrate, this roll-on deodorant protects your skin from sweat and provides an adequate amount of moisture for your skin. Made with essential oils such as sage, sweet orange, and lemon, it’s got a refreshing texture when applied to your skin while limiting perspiration and body odour. In addition, this deodorant’s smooth and powdery texture keeps you feeling dry and calm throughout the day.

Moving on from skincare and essential summer hygiene, we’re not going to ignore donning the right makeup for that perfect ‘sunny day’ look. We’ve got something special in store for you, like a blush that has been doing the rounds among makeup aficionados in town. Whether you’re a young working girl or a mom juggling kids and responsibilities, this blush is perfect if you want to look sun-kissed this summer while still shielding yourself from the worst of the sun.

The perfect sun-kissed blush

We’re all chasing that perfect sun-kissed look – and what you need to achieve this is peach and pink tones of blush to give you the ultimate sun-warmed finish. We recommend the Rare Beauty’s Soft Pinch Liquid Blush to do the trick – it’s long-lasting and not too thick on your face.

Given that this brand is Selena Gomez’s brainchild, the product has a rabid fanbase in the market and has got everyone talking about it, from beauty gurus to tween Tiktokers. Touted as a game-changer in makeup products, the hashtag #rarebeautyblush has nearly 50 million views on Instagram, with users ‘obsessed’ and calling it ‘the best blush ever’ to give your cheeks the bounce and flush you so long for.

This trending blush does what it says on the tin. The creamy, buildable formula adds a healthy flush of color like someone has pinched your cheeks or you’ve been out on a jog. The doe-foot applicator gives precise application. Choose from four matte shades and seven dewy finishes with colors spanning the spectrum from mauve (Grace) to peach (Joy) and everything in between.

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