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Access Consciousness to Raise Your Success

The movement is almost three decades old and has been embraced around the world. Learn all about Access Bars and how it can transform you to reach your highest potential

Purposeful Parenting Coach, Access Bars Facilitator

Have you noticed that you’re very tired during the day, but the moment you are in bed, you can’t seem to sleep? Or that you can’t quiet your mind for long enough regardless of yoga, journaling, and meditation? Maybe, you’ve tried everything to calm your mind, but nothing seems to help you relax? Access Consciousness is the solution to all your problems!

Access Consciousness, also known as just ‘Access’, is a movement founded by Gary M. Douglas in 1995 and later joined by co-creator Dr. Dain Heer in 2000. It aims “to create a world of consciousness and oneness, where everything exists, and nothing is judged.” It’s a set of practical and dynamic tools, techniques, and processes that helps one become more conscious of their daily life and empowers one to create the life of their desires in practical yet easy ways. The movement, which is now available in more than 170 countries, includes everything and everyone while making sure to judge nothing and no one.

The Bars to Your Consciousness

Access Bars is at the core of Access Consciousness as it helps undo the limitations you’ve set for yourself and hence, start fresh. It is a gentle, hands-on, and non-invasive alternative therapy technique that has been proven to be very effective. The bars are 32 points on the head that when gently touched, can help release anything that’s been holding you back from feeling ease, joy, and comfort in your life. Each Bar represents one area of life and stores electromagnetic components of your feelings, thoughts, or any view you have about anything or anyone. For example, any thoughts or feelings you’ve had in your life about, say, health is stored in the Bar called ‘Health’. These 32 points in your head stores all the thoughts, emotions, ideas, beliefs, and anything else that might be stopping you from living your full potential. When these points are touched, the Bars release the pent-up energy resulting in more space within you, and in turn, more consciousness and awareness. According to the founders, Access Bars help “stimulate positive change in the brain, release physical and mental blocks stored in the body, and help facilitate greater ease in all varied areas of life.”

You don’t have to know why or when you created something in order to clear it, you only have to be willing to let go and receive everything you desire

Hundreds of people have used Access Bars effectively to change many aspects of their life that they found undesirable, including money, sex, sleep, health, relationships, and many more. To put it metaphorically, you can see Access Bars as Ctrl+A and Delete on your laptop. Except, in this case, your laptop is your brain. It helps delete all unwanted things from your brain and helps create space for everything that you desire. Access Bars enables you to start anew! It also helps increase clarity, motivation and has been proven to decrease and eventually eliminate intrapersonal conflicts. The process is not cognitive, just like how the limitations you’ve imposed upon yourself are not done consciously. You don’t have to know why or when you created something in order to clear it, you only have to be willing to let go and receive everything you desire. It is really that simple!

Benefits of Getting Your Bars Run

A session of Access Bars is known as having your “bars run”, and it is said to feel relaxing and peaceful, like a massage for your brain that is quite literally, life-changing. The session also has quite a few benefits, including but not limited to

  • Facilitates more ease in the body
  • Changes negative behavioral patterns and belief systems
  • Allows one to be more present
  • Increase awareness and receiving
  • Dissolves judgment from within
  • Enhances capacities to receive

The Non-Invasive Face-Lift

It IS possible to look and feel younger without going under the knife, injecting chemicals, or creating other outside trauma to your body. Access Energetic Face-lift helps reverse signs of aging and rejuvenate the face through a non-invasive, non-surgical process without involving any kinds of creams, chemicals, or injections.

It is a more gentle, kind, and easy procedure that works like a massage; a gentle, soothing touch applied to your face and neck works with the cells in your body to relax, restore and rejuvenate your body on a cellular level. Since it operates from within the body as opposed to on it, it is also more effective, and if done repeatedly, it also shows permanent results.

For A New and Better You

Like the Access Bars, the Access Energy Face-lift uses points on the face and neck to address the stresses on the face and body that cause signs of aging. During the face-lift, the bars help by erasing any memories of judgment that our cells have held on to. After the face-lift, many have reported more youthful-looking skin, firmer and toned bodies, as well as less judgmental of themselves and their bodies. People have also reported that they’ve seen light and luminosity of the face, improved elasticity of the skin, clarity of the eyes, glow in the hair, lifting of breasts and buttocks, as well as improved energy and increased relaxation. It is a 2-in-1 process that helps rejuvenate the face as well as the body.

Just as all the benefits reported proved, Access Energy Face-lift is not just something that reduces signs of aging but is a holistic alternative technique for improved overall health. It also offers an opportunity to clear any and all negative judgments that we have, unknowingly or knowingly, passed about our body and face and hence, mitigate the effects of these judgments.

So, are you open to new possibilities? To be able to relax, rejuvenate and revive and have a healthier relationship with yourself? Gain access to a much happier and more fulfilling life through Access Consciousness that has a lot more to offer than just these processes mentioned above.

Shagufta Patel can be reached at [email protected]


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