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Dr. M F Sameer on the mind-body connection and holistic healing

Using the possible potential of consciousness and holistic psychotherapy, Mohammed Faizuddin Ahmed Sameer (Dr. M F Sameer) has helped people battle a gamut of issues from as simple as worry, anxiety, uncertainty, fear to hypertension, and depression writes Bindu Gopal Rao

Dr. M F Sameer’s journey towards holistic sciences started when his mother was diagnosed with cancer. This was a turning point in his life to help people come out of physical and mental diseases and create a better future for themselves. He tells us all about how one can harness the power of mind-body-energy and spirit’s cybernetic mechanism to beat physical diseases and bring peace to mind.

Founder & Owner of Meraki Wellbeing Center, Sameer is a Holistic Psychotherapist, Research Scholar in Psychology and Parapsychological sciences, Advance Energy Healer, and Transformational Life Coach empowering individuals and transforming their lives through the power of the mind-body-energy integration.

Being a Master in Psychology, certified Clinical Hypnotherapist, Master Practitioner, and Trainer in Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Sameer also has many credentials in Integrated Energy Healing, mind-body integration, and Spiritual Healing. He also holds a Masters in Islamic Education, Reiki Master Teacher, and Ph.D. in Neuroplasticity.

“Complex cybernetic mechanisms of consciousness and the art of knowing people as well as psychology was always ingrained in me since childhood. My initial education was a combination of Vedic sciences, philosophy, mind and social sciences, and possible human potential. I did Masters in comparative religious studies to understand the human phenomena better and deeper.” Naturally, the tag line of his center is ‘transforming lives with the power of the mind’.

Explaining this, he says, “it is an evolutionary science, and we have been looking into what is the best possible way to bring wellbeing to our lives. Consciousness literally keeps on evolving, and it’s a journey from body approach with medicines to alternative ways to bring balance to the body. Psychology has taken a big leap in the journey of evolutionary science, where we have come to a point of awareness that 90% of the disorders and diseases are psychosomatic in nature and manifests as autoimmune disorders in the body.”

Dr. Sameer in one of his training sessions

Emotional Intelligence Training, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Integrated Clinical Hypnotherapy, Integrative Psychology, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Unlocking Subconscious Blocks, Subconscious reimprinting with Neuroplasticity, Yoga, Breathwork (Pranayamas), and Chakra Balancing, Meditation and Mindfulness are some of his spheres of work. While he has been very active for close to six years, his new center is plugged in at The Retreat Palm Dubai M Gallery by Sofitel as a strategic partner to create and expand holistic wellbeing.

Sameer’s premise is based on how psychology affects the mind, and he has done comprehensive research and survey on about 3800 plus cancer patients. “80% of those people had issues at the psychological level. They were either holding grudges, hatred, or intense anger. Most of them had grief and loss patterns, patterns in life with uncertainties, fears, phobias, and unresolved mental issues manifested as disease and disorder in the body. Using Neuroplasticity, in combination with other integrative modalities, I have seen the change that happens not only on the psychological level but as deep as the cellular level where not only behavior and perspective towards the world changes but the neurochemical and biochemicals in the body also changes hence creating an amazing transformation which nullifies all diseases and disorders.”

At The Retreat Palm Dubai M Gallery by Sofitel, on The Palm Jumeirah Dubai UAE, where he works as a strategic partner for the wellbeing of guests and people in the vicinity, he does free talks every Saturday to create awareness about emotional wellbeing, holistic healing and to unlock human potential. In addition, he conducts regular meditation and group healing sessions for the community. “I also train corporates in emotional intelligence so people can develop more sweetness in their emotions and have a deeper understanding of the behavior of people around, that increases productivity in all spheres of life.”

Sameer is inspired by all his teachers. “I was a very sensitive child right from childhood and could see people’s faces and tell what they were feeling. My teachers recognized and nurtured this ability. Most of the time, behavior and action or the personality projected is the tip of the iceberg, and no one looks at how and why it’s being projected the way it is. I still teach people to be curious because curiosity is actually the way of evolution.”

Celebrating the diversity in people and appreciating that each person has a unique perspective is what he believes is the crux of his approach. “The more information that you add to your brain, the more complex it becomes. The worry of the future, the regret of the past create unnecessary anxiety. I don’t believe in planning and believe to be the most flexible person on the planet. Whatever comes, I usually adapt to it and change accordingly.”

“If there is a problem that is 33 years in the making, then you must at least give it reasonably 33 weeks to nullify”

His advice to stay away from diseases and come back to the default state of being, that of health, happiness, ease, and growth, is to make this process a journey. “The average age of people who come with anxiety and other psychosomatic issues is 33 years. So if there is a problem that is 33 years in the making, then you must at least give it reasonably 33 weeks to nullify, and you should be committed to unlearn everything that you have learned and is not serving you.”

There are five dimensions that you need to focus on – the physical body, mind-consciousness, awareness of storage, the intellect, and the spiritual connection. The secret is to stay with the theme of creation and fulfill the essential dimension of life. Change is the constant theme of life, yet we expect people around us not to change, which often creates disappointment. This is because there is an innate yearning for at least one thing in life to be fixed, non-changing. “Hence it is important to have one fixed entity in life that can bring fulfillment to this dimension, which is where the whole spiritual or God-consciousness comes into play, the moment we expand our awareness and connect with spiritual consciousness and become consciously aware of our creator, the transformational change starts to happen effortlessly. This is what brings fulfillment and balance to all dimensions of life. I always tell people to start affirming this and check what is causing the resistance.” So, the mantra is ‘Life Is Easy’, and reinforcing this can be therapeutic as you start your journey on the path of holistic wellbeing.

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