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A beast with balance: The new Lincoln Navigator 2022 might be the powerful SUV you’re looking for

If there's an SUV that's setting high expectations with its hi-tech specs surrounded by impressive built and style, it's the 2022 Lincoln Navigator. So buckle your seatbelts as G S Harshitha takes you on a tour of Auto world's newest SUV sensation

The avantgarde 2022 Lincoln Navigator SUV is a luxurious blend of high-end craftsmanship, innovative technology, and power-packed performance to deliver everything you need.


The exterior

  • The Navigator is elevated with a uniquely designed, dual-finished grille and a new front end to accord it a boss look with a comfortable dynamic feel.
  • Apart from the all-new grille, headlights, rims, front fascia, and wheels design, the Navigator Black Label 2022, its highest trim, adds two exciting themes to the 2021 version: ‘Central Park’ and ‘Invitation’.
  • While all trims offer muted, dignified exterior tones in grey, silver, and blue variations, the Black Label does come in an additional stunning Manhattan Green.

Cabin Style and Interiors

  • Vast and soothing interiors balance the ‘beast mode’ exteriors of the Navigator. The acoustic laminate glass separates your personal space from the chaotic outside world. A lockable dampened glove box secures your essential belongings. Materials like open-pore wood trim and massaging seats give a lavish look along with decadent comfort.
  • The seats are so sculptural and customizable that you can adjust the thigh supports to different heights.
  • The cargo space is abundant, especially when the third row is folded.

Efficiency and Mechanics


The Navigator has a one for all engine-and-transmission combination with about 440 horsepower. The twin-turbocharged front-engine, not to mention the 10-speed automatic ability to shuffle through gears provides power without perturbance.


This car is a long-wheelbase model that results in quick acceleration with a power of 450hp at 550(rpm) rotations per minute and  510 lb-ft torque at 3000 rpm increasing the stability of the vehicle on the road.


  • The most captivating performance enhancer is the all-new Active Glide technology, allowing the car to connect you to your journey with its semi-autonomous self-driving mode, even with your eyes closed and being hands-free.
  • Underneath the formidable veneer, the mechanical pieces are familiar. Its heavy-duty tow package includes Trailer Reverse Guidance which reflects the direction they want their trailer to head when the knob is marked ‘trailer backup’, when the technology overtakes the steering wheel to guide the vehicle on your behalf. This nifty piece of intuition is offered as standard equipment.
  • The Lincoln’s engineers have targeted everything from sight, sound, touch, and feel, giving a responsive powertrain and impressive handling capabilities fixed with an advanced 3.5 liter twin-turbo V6engine.

Tech & Infotainment

The car has been adapted with simple, satisfying technology displayed on a 13.2-inch LCD center touchscreen. The ActiveGlide technology lets you operate with your eyes closed and hands-free driving, paired with a hands-free voice control system of the vehicle and smartphone apps. Wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto are standard, and the car system can pull off over-the-air software updates with the help of an on-board 5G Wi-Fi hotspot which also lets you enjoy the amazon fire TV experience. In addition, the basic 14-speaker Revel system can be upgraded to a 28-speaker Revel Ultimo 3D stereo, part of the luxury package.


The Navigator has an adaptive suspension with road preview through a front camera which helps to evaluate and warn the driver about the condition of the road ahead, reducing the impact of discomfort for both the vehicle and passengers.

The rear digital display allows you to control seat settings that include heat, ventilation, and massage settings, surrounding your body in a comfort bubble for therapeutic relief.

Price Point

(top car trim + if any options available for this)

The base model costs around $80,000 while the Black Label L goes up to $105,000.


Lincoln makes safety its top priority and makes efforts to keep it up to date. This includes blind-spot monitoring, automated emergency braking as well as pedestrian detection.


The 2022 Navigator competes with the 2021 Infiniti QX80 as they are both a luxury bargain and BMW X7 that provides both off-road and on-road bling with comfort.

Near Misses

The large size of the car inhibits maneuverability and results in a stiff ride, also affecting fuel efficiency despite its small engine. In addition, the numb feel of the steering and sheer bulk prevents enthusiastic drivers as it results in sharp impacts and bouncy rebounds.

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