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Aspire+ this month: 50 shades of Narcissism; a tale of star-crossed lovers; and The Crossing at H Hotel

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The Crossing in Hotel H: A different taste of Indian cuisine

If you’re scouting for a new food joint to try out this Valentine’s Day, The Crossing is a fine dining experience you don’t want to miss. Offering Indian food in a rarely explored avatar, you will experience here varied influences, all coming together in a symphony of flavors on the plate.

A celebration of Indian food, The Crossing includes dishes influenced by immigrants and travelers that found a home on Indian soil. Changing up the typical Indian menu by offering fewer traditional curries and more of the soul, comfort food that has nourished generations of Indians from all over the subcontinent, it’s a twist on the standard Indian food fare that is enjoyed the world over.

The menu at The Crossing plays upon the nostalgia that wafts from Indian kitchens, with recipes handed down by taste and estimations. The extent of Indian cuisine is truly vast, and The Crossing acknowledges it humbly – from the simple, nourishing food cooked by our mothers to the ambitious dishes created in palace kitchens by royal chefs, from the seafood delights courtesy India’s massive coastline to mouth-watering Rajput fares, from hidden gems of North East India to the vegetarian offerings that will amaze you, The Crossing guarantees an experience that may enlighten you as to why Indian cuisine is considered one of the best in the world.

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50 shades of narcissism

Who hasn’t had a run-in with a narcissist? They exist everywhere and they are notoriously hard to spot. They can find their way into your life, your home, your finances, and your head with subtle ease with one goal alone… to annihilate your mental health and destroy your life. Those who have been at the receiving end of narcissistic abuse are left bleeding, devastated, and the recovery can take years. The only way to combat it is to learn about narcissism and to spot the signs before that lover, boss, friend, or neighbour is firmly entrenched in your life.

Dr. Ramani is a clinical psychologist who has given hope to many. Her YouTube channel is one of the best there is, and her concise, no-frills approach to understanding this mental phenomenon makes her relatable and interesting. Most of her videos are about 15 minutes long, explaining the various aspects of narcissistic abuse and tips for avoidance and recovery. She is a gifted orator who has made it her life’s mission to uncover and demystify an area of human behaviour that is increasingly causing much trouble. Her arsenal of knowledge in this area is formidable, and it is the best life coaching you will get for free. Unsurprisingly she has a massive following and has been featured on various prime-time television talk shows and online ones like Women of Impact. Join her tribe, hit that subscribe button, and start watching. You can thank us later.

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A Ficitonal Love Story

The humdrum of everyday life can be a real drag, and we all need to escape our routines and find a way to decompress. Luckily the world of fiction offers us the most wonderful way of doing so. And this month, Aspire recommends the compelling novel ‘Kipling’s Daughter’ by the award-winning author, playwright, columnist, and poet, Shreekumar Varma.

This intricately woven tale tells the story of an author, Ruben, his friendship with the fascinating Molly, and a book that reveals a forgotten and secret tryst between a Nobel-winning author and an Indian heiress. Set across Simla, Bombay, and England, the novel twists and winds its way across kidnappings, family secrets, and myriad plot turns that make the book unputdownable.

Yet another gem from the genius pen that gave us works such as Lament of Mohini, Maria’s Room, The Royal Rebel, The Magic Store of Nu-Cham-Vu, and others, Kipling’s Daughter showcases the storytelling talent of one of the most prolific writers of our time. A must-read for those who love to read. And even those who don’t

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