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5 steps to creating your desired life

Things don’t come in threes, they come on the back of fives. Here’s the simplest 5-step programme to get the universe to work for you.

Meditation Expert, Energy Healer & Executive Mindset Coach

Life is a journey with a lot of different paths. No matter which path you choose, it will present you with situations to learn and grow from. Some see these as opportunities, and some see them as hurdles best avoided altogether. 

In my opinion, life is not a roller-coaster journey, although it does throw us a couple of ups and downs and life lessons. Our life curve, in actuality, is meant to be a ‘Stairway to Heaven’.

The issue is that this stairway ever so often seems to be a spiral one and sometimes a downward spiral, in most honesty. So how does one create a clear consistent stairway, where earth itself becomes your piece of blissful heaven.

Step 1: Decide The Environment And Life You Like

We are so evident in the simple daily things we need, be it our dressing sense, the meals we plan, the house we live in, even something as basic as the bottled water we want to drink from. And yet we forget to choose the kind of life we desire!!

Yes, I know, it’s not easy for many to even fathom that we can create our own lives, but that’s exactly where the Law of Attraction begins. With Belief.

Like your everyday grocery list, make a list of everything you would desire in your living environment.

This practice alone has proven to be a powerful manifesting tool. Recently Global Star Priyanka Chopra Jonas, in her interview with Oprah, spoke about how she has made a list of the qualities she wanted in her life partner & placed that list in her purse & lo & behold, Nick Jonas ticked off all those qualities.

When we define what we want and not who or how, the Universe works in wondrous ways to bring it to our reality.

In NeuroScience, it is termed as RAS- Reticular Activating System. When we make a “choice” of what we desire to see, the brain filters out all other distractions & brings one’s attention to the desired goal. The same fundamental on which Vision Boards work.

Step 2: Create Boundaries

Look at the world around us; everything has a boundary, even the aerial space & water bodies.

Now, look at your homes and your offices. We often draw out imaginary boundaries to our space in a cafeteria, around our workstations, and we even have our demarcated areas of rest and sleep.

Yet we seldom remember to draw boundaries in our mental & emotional space. We often steer away from our goals due to mental and emotional stress that boundaries could have avoided had we set them.

So, where does one start?

By being aware of oneself – What matters, What triggers, and What’s non-negotiable, and then begin to draw the safety net around the self.

A daily introspection is an effective practice in getting to know oneself. As Anna Taylor said, “Love yourself enough to set boundaries. You teach people how to treat you by deciding what you will & won’t accept.”

Step 3: Dream Big, Dream Limitless

Today all the aspirational leaders have dared to dream, whether it was the little boy dancing a self-taught ballet in the rain, or a single mother raising her children & setting up a business, or someone moving from a secure job to the unknown world of Entrepreneurship.

Dreams perceived and put down as desires & goals, fuel and fire up our lives. So, cut out pictures that matter & resonate, listen to stories, and draw inspiration from those.

When we make a “choice” of what we desire to see, the brain filters out all other distractions & brings one’s attention to the desired goal

Step 4: Radical Action

No dream was ever achieved without putting the plan into play. Action is the anchor to every dream, the seedling to every desire, and cannot by any chance be omitted. But it’s not any action that we are speaking of. Let’s unpack random action versus radical action.

Random action would constitute a busy day led by situations- e.g., getting up & responding to what life brings us.

Radical action would constitute a day of responses to the world and specific actions directed to immediate goals, personal goals, and long-term goals, and yes, all within a day’s work as planned.

Action is not to be confused with hustle. Radical action can also mean a dedicated day to ‘Me Time’. It’s the balance of being present in the moment and also a mind stretched into the future – one’s vision & feet firmly grounded in one’s lessons.

Step 5: Alignment

Though the last, but clearly not the least, it’s the art of alignment at three layers – to one’s purpose, to one’s values & inner alignment. 

Start with knowing your life purpose and check if your actions align with it.

Make a list of your values & use them as a filter for decisions and inner alignment. Know that if life flows and is without much struggle, it’s a sign from the Universe that everything is in alignment- it’s the Law of the Universe. The simplest way of achieving this is through daily mindfulness.

Ask yourself what is really important, and then have the courage and wisdom to build your life around the answer. And while you can’t do anything about how long you will be here on earth, you certainly can make your little piece of heaven to make it worth the while.

Kim Shelar can be reached at [email protected]

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