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Innate Intelligence: The Other IQ

Every so often, we hear the term Innate Intelligence. What is this all about, and do we all have it? Is there a way to make use of it to our best advantage? What happens when we get aligned with it? Read on to get your answers...

Innate Intelligence Coach

Innate refers to something that is inherent and native to us. It is a characteristic we are born with; it exists within us as a natural quality as opposed to learning through experience or studied knowledge. The inborn intelligence that we all have within us from the moment we come into existence until we die is what we know as ‘innate intelligence’. Some even call it the inner or higher self or higher wisdom. The good news is that we all have it within us. Yes, each one of us!

It is continuously working to keep us on sound footing in both our external and internal environments. It’s always striving to keep us in a state of stability, balance, and in optimal health. It is this intelligence within us that clocks all of its activities silently, without us telling it what to do. It is our body’s super wisdom that is in favor of life, growth, and wellbeing in all aspects. If it manages all of this without our involvement in any way, it is good to ponder on how much better it could be if we were to cooperate with our Innate Intelligence consciously.

Joining Hands With This Higher Wisdom

How does one cooperate with our inner wisdom is the next obvious question? One way is by being mindful of our emotional well-being. Our emotional state can disturb the well-being of our mind, and if our mind is not well, then we are not well, our life is not well, our finances are not well, our living does not have the needed spark, and somehow it does not match up with our higher self.

Another way of connecting with this inborn wisdom that we are gifted with is by simply talking to the self. Many call it ‘me time’ or ‘being reflective’. Let’s take it one step further; let’s ask our innate intelligence the questions which we seek to ask each day for our purpose in life – What is the best path for our business? Where do we go next from here? Where is the excitement missing in life? Where is the gap that causes us to feel a disconnect with our own selves?

The more we ask these questions to our inner self, the better the chance of our higher wisdom answering us; to guide us on the right path through either visual thought, as an inner voice, or allowing our search to be answered through people and open doors for us to help us answer our most burning questions.

Innate Intelligence is our body’s super wisdom that is in favor of life, growth, and well-being in all aspects

A Progressive Learning Path

Being conscious of our innate intelligence is a progressive learning path. Once you have your answers, the next step could be a quiet and reflective time with daring questions such as: Is it for me or is it not for me and then reflecting objectively on the answers received. Reflecting objectively is being aware that we are not influenced by our arrogance or our compromising attitudes as both these attributes are instrumental in self-sabotage.

Though innate intelligence is inbuilt, there is a great possibility that our external factors such as adverse environments, negative voices, unfavorable upbringing would have quietened such consciousness due to our disbelief in it, or us being influenced by the environment to such an extent that we have shut down our receptive self.

To regain back such consciousness is absolutely essential and certainly possible. The journey of reconnecting with our innate intelligence empowers us as we discover the many talents we have which are intrinsic but which we have not yet explored as we are busy living the life others desire us to live.

Getting Aware And Aligned

Every human being is blessed with innate intelligence. Acknowledging it and learning the process of manifesting one’s true self is a practice by itself. We are destined and blessed with living our purpose in this life, bringing beauty and well-being to our own lives and the lives of others. Since external factors weigh heavily on us, we sometimes get lost and lose awareness of the depths of hope, wellbeing, and this higher wisdom that we carry within us.

Scientists and inventors create their life and add value to their life with the spark of intelligence they carry. They get aware of it, groom it, polish it and make it their focus before manifestation happens, or it becomes their reality. They believe in themselves, and together with their belief system, they make their discoveries their joy and inspiration to the world around them. They discover themselves and their innate power, and so can we!

We need to be aware of four key factors before we get to sparkle our life with the wisdom of our innate intelligence – ‘I am enough’, ‘I am governed by abundance’, ‘I exude abundance’, and ‘I create my reality’.

To truly imbibe this awareness that our innate intelligence can create begins with re-examining our belief system, which is usually influenced by external factors. It is through the process of this awareness that we get focused, goal-driven, result-oriented, and in alignment with that which our inner self knows as best for us.

Once aligned, this natural state of being takes over, freeing one from obstructions and activating the self-regulating capabilities that guide the individual towards a reality where we see our desires manifesting right before our very own eyes.

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