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The workbag you carry says a lot about your persona. What’s your bag saying about you?

Got yourself a stylish new bag to carry for work. Here is what your bag tells the world about your persona, writes Ayaat Attar

After a year and a half of working from home, work bags are almost forgotten in the day-to-day routines. Returning to the office, not only do you want something that looks good, but you also want to choose one that fits all your daily essentials comfortably and supports your lifestyle. 

A bag defines your style and distinguishes you from others, completes your outfits, and carries your world. Over the years, different brands have designed bags in terms of diverse functionality, materials, format, and price ranges. Often your choice of a bag also reflects your personality. The next time when you walk down the streets, observe people carrying different styles of bags and see if you can decode their individuality and field of work.

To show what we mean, we have uncovered the best choices of office-appropriate bags – both useful and elegant. From brands like Gucci, Ralph Lauren, Burberry, and Coach, you’re bound to fall head over heels in love with at least one – keep reading to find your match from our top picks and what it says about your personality.

The Briefcase Bag

Resolute, Confident, and Goal-Oriented

The London Check and Leather Briefcase by Burberry

The London Check and Leather Briefcase perfectly hit the point between price and quality. It is absolutely worth every folding money you spend and designed to address the needs of modern man in motion, with equal attention paid to the sophisticated presentation – the contemporary redesign of the briefcase bag symbolizing the business world.

If you are into briefcases, you are determined to accomplish your goals along with this tweaked version of a trusted briefcase. Despite being called nerdy, you are always resolute and confident, with a clear perspective on self-image.

The Satchel Bag

Classic, Serious, and Structured

The Leather Handmade Satchel Bag by High On Leather

Unlike Joey and Chandler from the classic television sitcom ‘Friends’, their pal Ross does not like going to the gym or excursions. He remains busy with his business, frequently carrying the Leather Handmade Satchel Bag with him. If you are into satchel bags too, you are classic, well-structured, and take your job seriously. Even if work and play come together in your life, you tackle it with oodles of style and convenience. You strike the right balance between your personal and professional life, and you come across as high maintenance with an impeccable wardrobe.

The Canvas Mini Sloane Satchel by Ralph Lauren

If you are into satchels, you are all about grace and style. While others may think you are a lady high maintenance, you know what you want and what you deserve – you take your job seriously, you are classic, and prestige is your thing. Though carrying a bulky satchel on your shoulder is not flattering, you always want to appear well put together.

The Backpacks

Practical, Carefree, and Adventurous

GG Supreme Backpack by Gucci

Backpacks as a fashion trend have come a long way, and GG Supreme Backpack by Gucci is an incredible example of how backpacks are a fashion statement today. If you are into backpacks, you are all about freedom and seeking adventure. You are a practical individual who is full of enthusiasm, lives in the moment, and loves to experience life. Like your backpack, your hands-free lifestyle is also clutter-free. You believe in a healthy lifestyle, and you value reliability along with a sense of belonging.

The Clutch Bag

Easy Going, Assertive, and Flexible

The Uptown Clutch by Saint Laurent

If you are into clutches, you are easy going with a flexible personality. You tend to carry less to do more and assertively accomplish your tasks for the day. Interestingly, you are ever ready for any occasion in a practical but stylish manner. Though, how you hold your clutch bag tells a story – if your arms are crossed in front of you with both hands, it reads that you are reserved, but if you carry your clutch bag in one hand to the side, it tells that you are confident and put together at all times

The Tote Bag

Opinionated, Steadfast, and Multi-Faceted

The Horse Check Tote Bag by Burberry

From a shopaholic to a workaholic, this functional bag can carry your world in it while still maintaining your fashionable streak. If you are into tote bags, you are someone who is all about taking the initiative while juggling a fast-paced life. While sometimes you are considered to be opinionated, you are not afraid to speak your mind, you give yourself the freedom to choose your own lifestyle, and your friends call you the multi-tasking diva.

The Handbag

Elegant, Organized, and Punctual

Charlie Carryall 28 Bag by Coach

If classic handbags are your preferred choice, then organization comes easy to you. You have your plans ready in advance, and you are punctual by nature. You are elegant, stylish, and chic. If you are in love with handbags and enjoy collecting them, you are fashionable with the tendency to show off your fashion prowess.

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