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Tesla Charges Up To Get The World An Affordable Electric Car

Tesla held its most anticipated event Worldwide on the 22nd September 2020 – The Tesla Battery Day. The socially distanced outdoor event catered about 240 shareholders – each seated in a Tesla Model3.

During this grand event, The CEO of Tesla, Elon Musk and, the company’s chief of powertrain and energy engineering, Drew Baglino, presented their idea towards the next level of Battery Production and Efficiency. Additionally, they spoke about the upcoming chapter of the Electric Vehicle on a global scale.

Elon Musk also announced that Tesla itself would begin to make the batteries, still keeping the option open to sourcing them from Panasonic and LG Chem.

They plan to eliminate Cobalt in their Batteries and to streamline their production with the development of a new Cathode plant. Tesla, with their new larger cylindrical cells, claims that they will provide five times more energy, six times more power and 16% greater driving range.

That being said, Tesla additionally announced that they plan to get underway with their new car model around the price range of $25,000, making it an affordable purchase worldwide. Musk aims to launch his new model within three years with a new plan for optimization and advanced infrastructure.

This announcement showcases that Tesla continues to stand by its mission statement –to produce electric vehicles cheap enough to make gas-burning cars obsolete.

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