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Setting the stage for smart cities at the Smart City Expo

Smart City Expo

The 13th edition of the International Smart City Expo will take place on 16th February at Dubai International Financial Centre. The Smart Cities World Expo Forum aims to educate the public on smart cities, cities of the future, urban planning technologies, and much more through the combined effort of collocated conferences. The conference covers Smart City Vertical Applications like Smart Transportation, Smart Grid, Enterprise IoT, Big Data Analytics, Smart Health, Fog Computing, Smart Governance.

Providing citizens and organizations with an opportunity to recognize the emerging trends in the cities of the future, the expo strives to promote businesses, innovation and connect all the attendees from across the globe. The keynote speakers share their knowledge and experience on topics ranging from the connectivity of people and devices to the most talked about and current topics like maintaining connectivity in the post-pandemic world. The event takes place both virtually and on-site, and tickets are available on their website, starting at AUD 95 (approx. AED 245).


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