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Read it: Triple Sex & Other Tales from an Ambassador’s Wife

Triple Sex & Other Tales from an Ambassador’s Wife

Life in the diplomatic lane

From humble beginnings in Montreal as the daughter of a taxi driver and a seamstress, comes a lively, candid, and laugh-out-loud account of a woman’s personal journey around the world and her endeavors to escape a traditional “wife-of” role in the stratified cosmos of diplomacy.

Carol Bujeau, a former communications strategist, Cordon Bleu graduate, and furniture designer, traveled the globe for more than three decades with her diplomat husband, John Holmes, as he climbed the foreign service ladder. From Barbados to Ghana, New York to Jordan, Indonesia to Turkey, and finally, the Philippines, her memoirs relate the many cultural and diplomatic challenges she faced, with humour, if not always aplomb.

During her decades of living abroad, she was privileged to meet extraordinary individuals, from princes to camel drivers. In the process, she learned about herself and about the world, and came to realize that everyone has something to teach us, regardless of their religion, culture, or sociology-economic background. The book’s ultimate message is delivered with wit and verve… we are all one.

Carol Bujeau’s story is full of passion and spirit. Above all, it is a love story, celebrating a family, a life filled with adventure, and a world full of wonder. A must-read.

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Reviewed by Sangeetha Shinde Tee.

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