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A mega trade fair for office supplies and stationery is happening in Dubai this month

A mega trade fair for office supplies and stationery is coming to Dubai this November! Paperworld Middle East, an international trade fair for paper, stationery, and office supplies, is set to take place from 15th-17th November at the Dubai World Trade Centre.

After an overwhelming response in 2021, this year’s fair is expected to witness double-digit growth. More than 275 exhibitors from 40 countries are set to exhibit their exclusive collection of office and school supplies, festive decorations, and brandable merchandise.

Guests can expect to shop for products from brands like Alia, LINC PENS, Rocada, Jordan Chalk, Dollar, and many others.

Stationery aside, this year’s fair will promote a go-green initiative through ‘Project Sustainability’. Brands participating in the fair will feature environmentally friendly products as part of this initiative. For instance, India-based Kalpataru Papers will highlight some of their latest eco-packaging solutions.

Moreover, this year’s edition also has a little something for kids. The fair will include a kids-only zone called ‘Playworld Village’ replete with children’s toys and games.

Lastly, the fair will also host a ‘Hub Forum’ where experts from the industry, leaders, and analysts will share their views and opinions on the industry and its way forward in changing times.


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