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Man’s best friend, the power of love and a fitter you, all neatly curated in this month’s ASPIRE+

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A fitter you - Fitness-4-Life

Fitness 4 Life, as the moniker goes, is a service provided to those who believe in physical and mental fitness as an integral part of life. The concept emphasizes fitness as a lifestyle rather than merely a bodybuilding or a vanity project. F4L plays a valuable role in promoting a healthy community and links like-minded individuals in developing a balanced and healthy lifestyle which is critical in an era of sedentary jobs and unhealthy food habits. 

Started in a smaller facility, today Fitness 4 Life (F4L) boasts of a luxurious site in High Bay, sprawling over 33,000 sq. ft., complemented by a 4500 sq. ft. swimming pool, fulfilling the fitness goals of over 1200 members. Developed into a full-fledged fitness club from their first steps in Cedre Community in Dubai’s Silicon Oasis (DSO), it also comprises a sauna and an indoor jogging track, the last feature making it one-of-its-kind in the whole community.

Fitness for life, Silicon Oasis, Dubai, UAE
Fitness for life, Silicon Oasis, Dubai, UAE

Fitness 4 Life lived up to its name with its all-new women-only facility that started in 2018 at DSO. Since December 2021, the women’s only gym has been moved to the premier branch, and now the Fitness 4 Life ladies gym is available to use separately at the High Bay building alongside the mixed gym.

What better time to have a brand-new outlook and fitness goals than this New Year 2022? If you are looking for a spark of wonder to make health an indispensable part of your life, head to Fitness 4 Life for the right motivation!

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Documentary on man’s best friend - Dogs N Us


From the time we started to tame wolves for our protection and pleasure, and wolves realized that humans could provide food and cuddles, the relationship between man and dog has been immortalized in books, movies, and art. Does anyone know the story of HMV records… look it up. If you’re a fan of furry, four-legged canines, this is a must-watch documentary for you. Dogs n Us is a heartwarming bit of filming that tells of the extraordinary bond between man (and woman) and his (and her) best friend. From stories of shelter dogs saving their humans to guide dogs to sniffer dogs, this remarkable film will turn anyone into a dog lover. Unsurprisingly, the film by DW Documentary has had over 2.8 million views on YouTube in a month.

A great stress buster, beautifully narrated, suitable for families, and for kicking back over a well-deserved weekend, this documentary will leave you feeling all kinds of warm and fuzzy and help you start the work week feeling like the world is a pretty good place to be.

Read It

The Power Of Love - Only Love Is Real - Brian Weiss

ONLY LOVE IS REAL - Dr Brian Weiss

As we muddle through the business of life, we can get so lost in the details. Our joys, fears, sorrows, wins, and losses consume us, and sometimes the journey can seem endless and pointless. But a few men and women have figured out things that the rest of us mortals have not. Dr. Brian Weiss is a well-known cult figure who in his capacity as a man of science has explored the concept of life after death and beyond with thousands of individuals while they were under hypnosis. His observations and discoveries of man’s life beyond the conscious world are profoundly life-altering.

Available on Amazon, his book,Only Love is Real, is a collection of the recordings and interviews he had with several subjects exploring the intricate rhythm beyond the living world. The meaning and purpose of our existence is examined thoroughly and poignantly to arrive at the answer as told in the title of the book.

Whatever your business, whatever your goals, this is one book everyone should read. If nothing else, it’s a great conversational ice breaker, be it got business or pleasure.

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