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lyna Tevenaz’s collection of 50 prayers are for the challenges we all face

We live in exceptionally challenging times. For many people, conventional religion no longer offers enough solace or insight to be useful, and hence the pursuit of “spirituality without religion” has become increasingly popular. But there is a dearth of truly powerful spiritual voices, free of commandments or fables, that can reach the heart and give us inspiration that we can adapt to our needs. French-American writer Lyna Tevenaz has such a voice. Drawing from her life experiences as an orphan, single mother, and a dedicated seeker who has explored many spiritual perspectives, she offers a powerful collection of 50 prayers for the challenges that come with urgent times we all face. Most of the prayers are accompanied by “active meditations” and brief affirmations that span five major categories of human concern: Relationships, Family, the Self, the World, and the Inner Life. “Prayer enables us to disengage from fear-driven thinking,” Lyna explains in her introduction. “It is a silken cloth that wipes away our heart’s anxieties…. These words are the result of what I have learned about prayer so far, but now they are yours to practice and evolve for your own purposes.”

Reviewed by Sangeetha Shinde Tee.


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